explain muscle pain with fibro please

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    Everyone says that they experience muscle pain. Please , can someone be a little more detailed on this. The muscle pain, is it when at rest or more when you are walking or doing some minor activity? Like when you hang clothes, after only hanging a few peices of clothes, your muscles in your upper shoulders burn and ache?
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    Mine burn and ache also. They feel like they are made of lead and you can't hold them up. It's gotten where I can't even open jars, before FM and CFS I could open jars, lift bags of corn, and hold my Grandkids. Now if I hold anything for long or even do my house cleaning it takes two days to get my energy back. At the end of the day if I overdo to much my bones hurt so bad that I want to cry! Getting out of bed is a chore, it takes a good 15 min. to get moving. I'm 51 feeling like I'm 90 years old.
  3. I agree with prickles..."Mine is mostly tension pain. It's like my muscles don't relax properly after use" It seems to me, if I use my arms my shoulder muscles hurt for days or sometimes wks. if I overdo. Or if I walk more, the hip/buttock area hurts. And even try to exercises I am in major pain. Its like the muscles can't relax, resulting in Burning and pain .
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    I get a few different kinds of pain. I do get tension pain as well and have the burning and the ache. I also get nerve pain which can be felt even by the tinyest brush to the surface of my skin. I also get muscle spasms which are kind of a "throbbing" tension pain. And I get pains that feel like pulled muscles or bruises.
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    I can't even sweep and mop my floors and not get a back ache. It seems that I can't relaxe the muscle's enough to do this chore. Mine is like a tension pain also.
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    I have both CFIDS and Fibro. I was told that there is a fluid that goes through the body, probably a lymphatic pluid, that , when it surges, most people feel as energy, or as a good feelng. With those of us who have Fibro, it feels like liquid pain. I notice this, especially, if I accidentally consume something that has alcohol in it, and the alcohol has not burned away.

    With me, fibro pain feels as if someone has pulled back the skin off my body, and is scraping it, as well as sharp pains and also what I described above. It happens within hours of any activity, from dusting the floor to driving to the store, and lasts for anywhere from 5 hours to 5 days. Usually, the pain happens after an activity. The pain I have during an activity is usually caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis or Tendonitis, which I have independently of CFIDS/Fibro.

    Because of CFIDS, I can't do things like hang clothes or write on a blackboard, or raise my arms to clean cupboards, etc...Raising my arms is just not on my list of activities. If I can't avoid it, I have to do it in very short spurts, like one minute or two, and then I need to sit and wait for the pain and exhaustion to subside. Not really very helpful gor getting thngs done. LOL.

    I hope this helps. Good luck
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    Lack of circulation due to a fibrin blockage. Fibrin is a blood clotting protien that our body uses to stop bleeding but also to isolate a virus until the body's immune system can deal with it. He says that it's later broken down by our enzymes. If our systemic enzymes are low, then it stays as a blockage and the muscle gets painful and weak.

    He claims that taking Systemic Enzymes like Vitalzym will remove the fibrin blockages and allow circulation. Enzymes also dissolve the isoprin coating on viruses so they can't stick to our DNA.


    My mom is having good success with her FM using 6/day of Walmart's "Rexall" Enzymes. I have CFS, so for me this study wouldn't count.
  8. well first understand that i wake up every morning with the fibro muscle pain,ive no memory of ever waking up pain free,for the last 12 years.

    so when i go to peg my washing out on the clothes line.i sometimes forget to slow down,my mind gets hyperactive.so here ill be, putting my arms up, to put the washing on the line.

    my pain is sort of like someone has a hold of my arm and leg muscles,and they are squeezing them very tightly.as im raising my arms,that part on the inner arm,oposite the elbow,is very very tight,its sort of like,if you had a elastic band,but it wont stretch,so it limits how far up,i can take my arms.

    the finger and arm muscles feel like they are in a clamp,being squeezed hard,and i get a continual throbbing,burning pain,in the muscles.the muscles feel hot to the touch,when i put the palm of my hand on them.

    when i started working part time,the lower back,where i get that swelling,well it sort of felt knumb to the touch,and i got a different kind of sensation in my legs,its kind of like im getting signals that my feet have sensations in them now and again,id gotten used to not having sensations,but can feel that vice like grip in the leg muscles.other days the feet have no sensations in them,but my knees sort of throb,and the muscles feel hot.

    the toe and finger muscles swell up with a sort of fluid,and the muscles feel like they are burning,and cant stretch like they should do.

    the calf pain is that vice like grip,and a throbbing sensation.its like my muscles dont want to stretch,but they must because i work and need to be mobile.so when i walk,ill get fatigued,with constantly MAKING the muscles move.

    i get the pain while im moving,and get it much more severly when ive been sat down for about five minutes.and then attempt to stand up.

    when i get out of bed,i get dressed straight away.because if i go downstairs in my night clothes,and sit down,then my body gets sort of incapasitated,in as it seizes up.the muscles just go into a spasm and set rock hard.now that is shocking seeing as all id have done was raise up in bed,walk downstairs,and then sit down.how strenuous is that?this fibro is crazy isnt it.

    the shoulder pain is that burning feeling and very tight muscles,and the shoulders feel very fatigued,because my arms feel too heavy to lift,on the bad flare up days.gravity is no friend of mine just lately.some days i have trouble just brushing my teeth.the arms feel heavy and achy just holding the toothbrush.how daft is that.and im a active person,but still this fibro is affected by holding a blinkin toothbrush of all things.

    im sorry that i cant be more procise, but im having a fibro fog flare up today.

    kind regards

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    The pain is with me all the time. I also described it as a tooth ache of the body!! So true!!. I have it all the time no matter what I am doing!!!
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    I feel like I have flu that wont leave.I also have burning and muscle spasums.After I sit for a while or sleep I wake up feeling very stiff.I am a stay at home mom to 4 kids who I hope and pray never have to deal with this.My mother also haves this.take care,
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    When you flex a muscle it creates tension. With Fibromyalgia the release of the tension does not follow after the flex and the tension builds on itself, so even minimal action does can cause more build up of painful symptoms. I have noticed that even simple tense hold and release exercises can cause me to be in pain for up to 24 hours.

    Prior to having Fibromyalgia I used to meditate and do tense and release exercises all the time to get rid of the tension of a hard day at work and could get a deep feeling of relaxation and well being. Even if I had spent the entire day lifting heavy boxes at work this would decrease my pain and help me feel very relaxed.

    Now I cannot do the tense exercises, because my body never releases the tension (at least not without muscle relaxing medication), or it is very very slow at releasing tension so my muscles become more bound and more and more painful. That is why a Fibro patient has to be very controlled in their activity levels and pace everything we do.

    Also there is a very slowed response in the pain recognition in the brain, like there is a switch that gets turned off and on in the brain in response to pain. For example: you are cooking something on the stove and touch the burner breifly with a finger-you feel the pain run and get ice and after icing it the pain lessens, so the pain switch is put on dimmer and eventually on off within a few minutes. With Fibro the pain switch may not go to dimmer for a full day and will not turn off for days after rather than minutes. Does that make any sense?

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    My muscle pain is mostly my neck, arms by the shoulders, upper back, hips, butt cheeks. It's a pain that NEVER,EVER goes away. It's there 24/7. It hit suddenly and never went away. I'm the worst in the am....very stiff. If I do anything with my arms that requires lifting them over my head, I'm in trouble for a couple days. The muscles are actually sore to touch. They feel weak as well although I'm not sure that I have true weakness. The muscles fatigue easily with any kind of movement. The pain feels like something is eating me from the inside out. I have nerve pain too and numbness, tingling and much, much more.
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    My pain is a dull ache which is mostly in my legs and feet, but also some in my arms and hands. (The tooth ache analogy sounds about right).

    It hurts me constantly. Movement does not make it worse. As a matter of fact, I can only get relief if I move and continue to move (which is impossible to keep up because I have extreme fatigue from either CFS or possibly from my liver disorder). In other words, while in motion I feel less pain.

    But I also have other types of pain such as joint pains, sore muscle type pains (that hurts when I move or touch), and sharp stabbing pains. But it's the ache-type pain that plagues me the most - day in and day out.

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    My muscles at times will burn, just like I'm working out.
    Sometimes they are hard as a rock and wont relax. Sometimes they catch from suddenly going into a spasm. Most of all they just get a deep sore feeling and they ache like I have a bad case of the flu.

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    Somedays its worse than others.
    But I feel it all the time,everyday.
    a deep,constant muscle ache/pain,...all over my body.

    I think describing it like having a bad flu is best.
    Ya know those really sick,couchbound flu's?
    where you moan in your sleep without even knowing your moaning?
    your just so darn ill feeling and sore its a effort just to get up to pee. Thats how Fibro treats me.
    I get worse after exertion. But only for a day or 2
    Hope this helps~
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    thanks to all of you for your responses. this message board is just wonderful!
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    hi lastormer, what a good question, since it is so hard to describe, espec. in a 15 minute doc. visit! THEN when you do describe it , you need to add that it changes CONSTANTLY!

    I would describe as a few others--that the muscles are so tight and can't relax. Also--very tender to touch-so if legs up on recliner, knees touching each other, etc.--will have alot of pain from the site being touched. Or--a RANDOM aching throughout legs, hard lumps in muscles of neck and mid. back with "ropy areas" that are very tender and hurt/ache even when not touched. Also--a weird burning pain in upper arm muscles that feels like you are feeling the muscle being "eaten away" as it deteriorates.

    wow, i better print this, best description for docs i've come up with in a long time, since i took my time and wasn't rushed! so hard to describe in one visit.

    are you a nurse? (icon)
    What are your thoughts on the pain scale as it applies to CHRONIC pain?(other than--it DOESN'T!!)
    I've been telling my doc i want to invent one for chronic pain that APPLIES to us, since, for me, on the usual scale, i would always be at a 7-9 but i normally describe it as a 4-5. I think immediate post op would be a 10, for an hour or so, then even post op pain is not close to this, or labor/delivery, since it Comes and goes, and has an end in site. AND it's something that one can understand!

    well enough ranting--take care--L
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    I am so sorry you are going through this and 'yes' I am going through it also. My muscle pain comes and goes in different places, but it is mainly in my legs and upper arms.