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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mtinash, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. mtinash

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    I finally was able to get into see Joshs doctor this week to explain the autopsy report to me and the fact that the tox screen came back negative. His doctor explained to me that even though his liver looked completely normal that it wa processing the medication he took at a excelarated rate. The medication he was taking that should have last for 12 hours was only working for about 2 1/2 hours. That is why they could not find any pain medication that would help the pain for very long. She further indicated to me that if his pain management doctor would have done at least one blood test in the last two years that this problem could have been identified and maybe something could have been done to help him.

    Nothing will ever bring Josh back to me. The only thing I can do is carry him in my heart and remember what a loving kind man he was. I does bring some closure though knowing that his problems with extreme pain even though taking enough narcotics to put down a horse was not in our heads that it was the stupid stupid pain management doctor that would not listen. He treated us like Josh was just wanting drugs to get high off of. What his doctor also found interesting is that none of the antidepresants showed up in his body even though he had taken them everyday for the last eight months.

    I have rambled on enough, just wanted to let everyone know that I had finally found out all of the information for me to fully understand why Josh decided to leave this world.

    If anyone is interested I have set up a memorial site for him. It is at mem.com. you would need to type in our last name of Venable in the search box then go to page two and click on Joshua Venable.

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    So sorry. What is the blood test that would have shown this?

    You have gone through so much. Thanks for the information where you can give donations.

    Take care.

  3. 3gs

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    Bennie Iam new to the board but have read your story. Iam so sorry for what you have been going thru.

    It is sad with the way doctors treat people nowadays. Maybe letting him know will make him think twice before he treats someone else like he did Johua..

    Try to stay strong. Best wishes
  4. ChyC

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    My heart goes out to you for your lost. I have lost family myself over the past few years and now am waiting for my cousin to past away from brain cancer. We just found out about her less than 2 weeks ago. I have been experiencing symptoms and my doctor is doing an whole array of test. I know it's not the same as Josh's death but an loss is always a terrible loss.

    My prayers and huge hugs surround you and your loved ones.
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    I just went on the memorial site. Although I did not know your husband, you portrayed a beautiful picture of the man you loved. It was a lovely way to remember him.

    Just a thought, perhaps the FM or CFIDS associations would be interested in the autopsy report. There are a variety of researchers who are trying very hard to figure out this illness. Perhaps the way Josh metabolized his pain meds would offer some clues.

    A google search might lead you to some organizations to contact or some members here might be able to give you some names.

    You are a strong person to keep posting and staying involved in the illness that took Josh's life.

    Warm hugs.

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