Explanation for Dry Mouth & Eyes - Sjogrens syndrome...

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    This is caused by cellular dehydration.
    The body, due to stress and certain deficiencies, is set in chronic dehydration mode, so it stops producing saliva & eye moisture in a bid to conserve as much moisture as possible.

    Try introducing Pure Unrefined Sea or Rock Salt, add at least 1/4 tsp a day into your daily routine, I always put a pinch with every glass of water I drink and even pick at rock salt crystals and leave them to dissolve on the tongue (really tastes very pleasant).

    This cheap every day item really can be a life saver...
    It works for us in so many ways.

    Dump the chemical ridden table salt - thats why it`s bad for you.

    I have a brillient article on Sea Salt somewhere, it mentions curing Sjogrens Syndrome amongst others. I`ll bump it up in case you missed it,

    Love Pat

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