Explanation of Migraines in my case

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suncatchers, Jan 4, 2003.

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    Well, I went to the hospital two years ago with a headache, loss of speech, face numb and arm numb. Thought I was having a stroke. Long story short, the neurologist said it was complex migrains. Haven't had them like that since. However, he did say that imitrex or whatever will GIVE you a stroke if you hav COMPLEX migraines. I am glad I didn't take the sample the dr. gave me the day before. I know it is a crap shoot going to docs. They give you what comes to mind at the time. That is why I always ask many sources before taking anything new. I don't think I will take the ULTRAM. God, I don't want a worse headache. Dumb doctors. Thanks to you all for your imput and help. Damn this pain we have.
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    Sorry you did not get any replies, but the board is slow on the weekends.

    This is a 'bump', so that hopefully others can reply to you now.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I've been getting what I think are simple migraines lately---always on the right half of my head, eventually I get nauseous, and that is worse than the headache---I usually take dramamine for the nausea---nothing seems to help the migraine med-wise, I just wait it out; it's the nausea that does me in! I agree with you about investigating everything thoroughly before trying it; thank goodness you didn't use the imitrex if it wasn't right for your kind of headache!

    Hope the migraines get better for you,
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    I guess all I get ae simple miagranes, with the accompanying nausea. I have figured out that they follow my period precisely and therefore have pretty much eliminated them. Around PMS time I begin to get these week long headaches from hell and that is when I will get a migraine- if I am out in the sun too long or someone is wearing an overdose of perfume, or if I don't get anough sleep... yada yada yada... Anyway I can now predict when they will likely hit and even feel them coming on. So I deal with them before they develop- usually, although if all else fails I fall back on my miagraine pills (Which usually work, but sometimes it takes two to do it). Now if I could only figuyre out how to rid myself of the headaches....
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    I get migraines too.....they are the worst!!I never get the auras that drs say come with them.But it'll stem from my neck,behind my eyes,my temples....and then the nausea sets in!!yuk! I'm very sensitive to light with them to. I went to a headache seminar once,and the speaker was a dr that specializes in headaches.I was hoping to find out how to ease them or prevent them overall.
    I've found some relief with fiorecet,and a dark room,...no noise either!Hoping you find some relief from them!They truly are hellish!