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  1. deblin

    deblin New Member


    I use to go to nail salons and get services done..and realized that inhalation of the fumes gives me all kinds of symptoms.. just wondering if any of you experienced this?
  2. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I don't go anymore because I always got sick and flared up after getting my hair done. All those fumes will do it every time. They spray hair spray in there, they use tons of hair chemicals, nail chemicals. Salons are a mecca for flares. I do my hair at home now myself. And I don't flare like that when I do it.
  3. panthere

    panthere Member

    Those places are toxic! I started to do my nails at home with my own stuff. There are different brands of nail polish that have no formaldehyde in it, such as Spa Ritual, Priti, Firoze. I am not sure where you from, but there are salons popping up in big cities, such as LA and NY that provide non-toxic nail services.
  4. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I cannot be around chemical fumes at all! Even most perfumes and colognes knock me out! I am extremely chemical sensitive (FMS & CFS here). Lysol spray is another BAD ONE for me. People rudely say to me "HOW do you clean your house???????" Well, not very well ... lol! If I have the energy to clean, I am very cautious about what I use for sure! My house may not smell PINESOL FRESH but at least I can breathe!

    Yes this stuff has to be extremely dangerous for humans!
  5. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Oh yeah, I have bad sensitivities to chemicals like those.

    It's gotten worse now that I'm detoxing. But people who are farther ahead of me in the healing process say that theirs have gone away. That is something to look forward to!

  6. tut90

    tut90 Member

    I can't even pass by nail salons, that's how much the fumes get me sick. I use to go to hair salons but the scents from the hair sprays and hair permanent products would give me hives and I would always get asthma. It has been years since I step into one them.

  7. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I have been doing this for 2.25 years. I don't want to take a bath in these chemicals but it sure is nice to be able to function in the real world. I do go to a regular hair salon and manage to get my nails done. Both make me fell less like a sick person.
  8. italiano

    italiano New Member

    oh yes, I stopped getting my manicures and pedicures about 2 years ago when it got so bad i could not take it. Even going to a hair salon with hair spray is too much so i only get my hair cut every 6 weeks. we seem to be very hypersensitive. chemically sensitive.
  9. JulieL

    JulieL New Member

    I go get my toe nails done maybe every few months. I dread going because I can't breathe in those places...but I don't know what to do about my toe nails. I can't reach them and they look horrid after a few months. I have asked the lady doing my toe nails if I could have one of the nose guards that they wear and she was happy to accomodate. I have to say it helped very little. I don't get my finger nails done. I trim them myself and do not put any polish on them.

    The only time I go to the beauty shop is when I am in desperate need of a trim. I try to get in and out of there as quickly as possible.

    I wish they did home visits.

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