Exteme Dizziness, Numbness, Electric shock feelings anyone else?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmfriend, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    I cant stand this it is so terrible.Please dose anyone else have this happen to them.
    When I take a step I get a traveling pulsating electric shock like feeling that traveles from my feet through my legs,into my arms and hands and into my head and makes me so, so dizzy almost fainting but dont go all the way out.

    I usualy will catch myself on a wall table or whatever is close and come out from a full faint.And I have such a headache!

    Im having to walk with a cane now and slowly at that.

    If I carry anything in my hands, arms or shoulder I almost faint. When I just blink, move my head, arms I guess I would have to say any movement, even slight causes this shocking feeling. Just trying to type this is very hard.

    Does anyone have any ideas what this is or does anyone else have this happen.
    I have had this happen before and it would come and stay for a week or so and go away slowly.

    For a little background....
    This summer I was bitten by ticks and saved only 21 ticks.(My huband says I save and what I flushed equal at least 35) realy !! I went to the Dr with 5 tick bites and 5 big rashes and a menengitis spinal headache. He never tested me
    but said "Do you think i should put you on Doxy and amoxicillin.?" Uh Yah!!! Never tested me.

    Next week I ended up with a rash that covered my face and sweld my eyes closed.He never thought Shingle.He gave me steroids for that. Thats when I figured he knows nothing about lyme disease.

    I say all this because it brough me to a LLMD who did very thourough blood work, a cat and Spect scat of my brain and found profusion.And I have perifial neuopothy. I did test CDS posative for Lyme ttt past and current,so chronic and chronic and active mono and lot of coinfection.

    So he put me on a longer corse of ABX. and an antiviral most importantly... Back to my tingling issue Lyrica was RX. Which the company (Merck?)Says works great for FMS/CFId also by the way.It seemed to help I hadnt had an episode in a while til I had to stop taking it because the insuranse wont cover it and I couldnt afford it.

    I bought some paying cash today bcause the insurance still wont cover it even after 2 Dr notes saying I need it.So Im going to try it again for a couple weeks and see if it makes any differance.But I realy dont want to be on another med.. I really want off them all.

    Sorry this is so long. But You all are so helpful and I just dont know what to do.

    Im ready to go to the ER it is so bad.
    Can any one help. Any ideas?

    Thanks so much ~ Sally
  2. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I experience dizziness and electrical shocks, not in the same way as you, but I get them,so you are not alone. Do run this by your doctor,if you need to get another opinion, this is what I am doing right now.

    Sorry I couldn't help more, just wanted to let you know you are not alone with these strange symptoms!

    God Bless
  3. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    Would you mind describing exactly how you feel when this happens. I dont here about this much and my Dr has no idea.
    Honestly I dont even think he really is listening to me when I go in, or just simply doesnt understand.

    Mabey if I had someother people discribe this symptom it would better help me comunicate it to him.
    I would realy like to find out WHY this happens.
    Can anyone else who has this please respond too!!

    >>.off topic .Do you really have 4 children? How do you manage? All I can say is God Bless you!

    Id love to have a MOM support spot on here. I have 2. They are 9+12. It is not easy. I have no one for support. NO Family or freinds since I moved when I was sick and stay very isolated.

    Blessings~ Sally
  4. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    my whole battle began with a work injury, about 9 months into it I began getting widespread pain. About this time, I began experiencing what I would call vibrations in my body, kind of like a buzzing sensation. Thought I was crazy, went through a pain rehab program and discovered this was normal with fibro, the central nervous system going haywire. Any way, in the beginning of 2006, I began having dizziness and some breathlessness, I do have a congenital heart defect and it scared me, I was also having increased palpitations and some heart pain, so of course I had this checked out, during this time I began having these weird really noticeable electrical feelings in my body, started in my head but I did not know how to describe it, so I didn't say anything. Found out heart ok, but they think the stress on my heart from the daily pain and anxiety are causing the palpitations and all. Anyway, my Rheumy began me on a trial of Xanax XR, it brought me down to a point I was suicidal, but I realized it and stopped the meds, however during this one day I had one of these electrical episodes. I felt as if my head was swelling then an electrical feeling there and the electricity went in a wave down my body and out my toes, this happened repeatedly, first time I could describe it. This was mid February this year. I have them maybe about once or twice a week and usually its just one 'wave'. Two Saturday's ago, I had the repeated waves. These always happen when I am lying down on back or left side, I also get a roaring sound in my ears and I feel like I'm seeing stars. I've had them wake me up and they happen when I'm ready to go to sleep. I feel as if I'm crazy when I describe this! I do also get tingling and numbness in left side, neck and back when I lie down as well. Hopefully neurologist can straighten this out for me.

    Yes, I have 4 children ages 5 through 12 all girls. My husband works two jobs so their care rests on my shoulders. Its hard but I consider it a blessing, I have to get up in the mornings because of them, I can't let myself give up with this illness.

    God Bless
  5. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    i could have written that myself i called shaking inside the dr think im nuts it makes me weak the longer i stand the worse it get i wish i could help you fm but i cant even help myself lots of luck to you with your ins charlene
  6. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    The shaking, the vibration type feeling, is normal for fibro, its like a low level vibration. When I went through the pain rehab program that is geared toward illnesses like ours, they said that is common and normal. Prior to that, I hadn't said anything to anyone, I felt releived to know I was not crazy. Doctor's familiar with these illnesses, understand that part of it. The zap thing is driving me nuts though! I had to describe it to my pcp who knows little about fibro and I felt like a certifiable nut case! I give him credit though for giving my referal to the neuro and not saying I needed a shrink instead! Although I have those to, lol! You aren't alone and you aren't crazy!

    God Bless
  7. deb4321

    deb4321 New Member

    I was diagnosed w/CFS & IBS 9 years ago and I have been having the exact same numbness, electrical shocks in my feet, legs, hands, arms & top of my head. When it happens when I'm walking my foot will give out & I have to grab onto the wall, desk ect. too. Since they were new symptoms in the last 5 months my pcp sent me to a neuro. The neuro spent less than 10 minutes w/me & pretty much told me I was crazy. Ahhh!! This is all so frustrating!

    I'm sorry to hear that other's have these same problems but at the same time I feel somewhat relieved that I'm not alone.

    Hang in there,

  8. Poppy2

    Poppy2 New Member

    i also have had this dizzines for 3 and a half years now now, the first two years it was on and off, and I almost thought i was imagining it, but I had some serious surgery about a year and a half ago and when I went home to recover I was hit with this severe dizzines which i have all the time now, I also have the electric shock sensation the buzzing sensation in my hands and feet and neck even my eyeballs and it affects my vision, I call it a pulsating sensation{ this iv'e had for years}. it is hard to take . I haven't been able to find anything that helps. Iv'e tried about everything . It sure is a frustrating disorder. GoodLuck Poppy
  9. fmfriend

    fmfriend Member

    Mom & Deb

    Deb the reaction you have seems exactly like mine in that it starts in your feet and travels up. My feet dont give out at his time, but now that I think of it mabey that could be part of the reason I almost fall.

    But I get this tinginhg with ever step. I took Lyrica last night and today I do feel a bit better. But still shocky and dizzy almost fell over a few times.

    What a stupid Nuro to tell you that. I really want an explanation.Im sure you do too.

    Mom, Your experiace with this is a little differant than mine because yours starts at your head and goes down.That must fel really weird too.I do have a rally bad headache and it does feel like a full heavy feeling. Now at this point It is just staying all over my body coming and going apon movement.I may try stoping Xanax that I take at night to help me sleep,I'll taper off an stop.I dont take it in the day.
    It feels like it has something to do with the brain stem.
    the Lyme literateMD had given me some reason having to do with an inflamed brainstem from all the co- infections and lyme.
    That seems like a very reasonable explanation. I just wish I could remember what exacly he said. Next time if I can get up the money to go Im going to bring a tape recorder.

    What explanaton did they give you at the pain clinic other than it just goes along with Fms/CFID. Did they explain why?
    Mom how do you care for your 4 kids when you are feeling like this.My husband has been hving to come home after a 12 hr hard working day only to start again as son as he walks in the door.He shops before he comes home,hen makes dinner ,cleans up,and does the laundry too.
    i have to drive my son to school every mornin and sometimes I know I shouldnt be on the road and dont know how I do it.I would love some mom tips on dealing with kids.
    Thanks for your replys. I hope more reply.

    Blessings~ Sally
  10. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    I feel guilty about the kids alot, I feel I am not adequate as a mother, I don't take them lots of places meaning lots of activities, like say, soccer, I can be irritable also. I get up with them in the mornings, they wear uniforms to school so that is a plus wiht girls. They help me get breakfast on the table and lunches made, then they are off to school. When the last one leaves, I put on a DVD for my 5 year old and I have nap time, I wake up to a little laundry, interact with my 5 year old, we color, do work books, practice ABC's. Have a sandwhich for lunch or some soup or something. Nap time again. Try to do a littlehousework, hubby comes home, kids come home, dinner(usually very simple) kids set table and pour drinks, kids empty plates and put on counter, I load dishwasher, kids wipe down kitchen and sweep. Sit down to help with homework , kids have shower's and baths, then we relax and talk maybe a little tv then bedtime. They do go outside and play with their friends, they get alot of their energy out that way. Noise bother's me and I have to tell them to use their 'indoor voices' When we are getting ready for bed, my husband is going back out to work, he does two jobs. My house is not spotless, its clean but cluttered, well my room is anyway, that is where things tend to accumulate. All things considered things run rather smoothly here. I am in pain and I am tired, however, while I have breath my kids will know they are loved and I try to make things as normal as possible. However, throw in doctor visits, trips to the store, headaches, fibro flares and that can make things go haywire. Sorry so long, but I try to keep consistency in my house it helps all of us cope.

    God Bless

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