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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by starla06, Sep 30, 2005.

  1. starla06

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    I need to vent. Thanks in advance. This week i have had company in my home. Yesterday & today i am having a flare to be all flares. It is all i can do to keep my eyes open but when you are at work you have no choice. my neck, shoulders, back & legs are bothering me more than normal.

    I am just wondering if having this company could have sent me into a flare. They were helpful so i really did not have to do much extra but they did bring in a cat. Now cat lovers don't get me wrong i do not mind cats but i have a dog & the room they put the cat in had a terrible odor. We found out it was the cat food but by that time i had already smelled the bad smell. so i am wondering since we are so sensative to so many things i wonder if perhaps all this put me in a flare.

    Guess i will go home & rub my poor body down with flex all. Maybe that will help.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Hope you have a good weekend.

    Lea Ann
  2. Pianowoman

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    Hi Lea Ann
    I'm willing to bet that having the company put you into a flare. Even if it doesn't seem so bad, it's something you are not used to. It takes extra energy both physical and mental.
    Can you pamper yourself this weekend? Relax and try Shirl's Epsom salts and Peoxide baths.

    To a restful weekend.

  3. JLH

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    I'm sorry, Lea Ann, that you're feeling extra bad.

    It's hard enough to have company, let alone when you are feeling worse than normal (which isn't good!!)

    I would guess that it's the added stress in the house causing your flare. Even if your company is helping, it's still more people around, you have to keep your "smiley" face on all the time, not to mention the cat!!!! LOL

    When your company is gone, maybe your hubby will clean and "detox" the cat's room for you as well as a nice back massage!!!! LOL (You're probably saying, "yeah, right!!!" really sarcastically now!)

    Relax this weekend and eat lots of ice cream - that always helps me!! LOL

  4. starla06

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    Janet & Kathy: thanks for the replies. I kinda wondered if that was what was happening. I did relax this weekend. It seemed to help. You are so helpful with your replies. I do not know what i would do without this site.
    Lea Ann
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    COmpany can surely put you in a flare. It seems anything out of the norm will do it to me. My hubby was in the hospital a few days last month and just sitting there with him put in a terrible flare that is just letting go.