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    Not sure if this should be posted here or in another area, but HELP...any ideas on bringing in extra money??? I just know I cannot be alone on this (can I?). Even with disability (which for me is so little) I am just so desperately in need of some ideas on work I can do from home, on my own time. I am affected with CFS, so unfortunately, I cannot commit to a set work schedule - I am in need of something that can be done at my own pace...any suggestions??

    Anything would be greatly appreciated :)
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    The herb or saffron collecting might be ok for me. Perhaps check with a local health food store and find out if they need some particular garden food. Someone here found that no one locally was growing potatoes for the local Co-op so she will be doing that.

    Maybe something to do with dogs. Maybe just boarding a few dogs?

    I tried making dollar bills, but could never get George Washington's nose quite right!(just kidding, of course). Best of luck, your mr Bill

    Recyling aluminum cans and other containers with deposits can be fairly lucrative here in California.
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    Well glad to see that I am not alone - sometimes I feel like I am (what else is new?!). I just hope we'll get some more input (please!), maybe from others who have actually found something worthwhile.

    I too have done the Ebay thing, which was good awhile back, but so much has changed on Ebay and I too pretty much depleted my inventory. The one good thing about it though, was that you pretty much do it on your own schedule - again...that is key for me. Someone once mentioned selling books on Amazon, but not really sure how that works.

    Anything with dogs always interests me, but the problem is that I do have three of my own, so I cannot really take any in and I have thought about "dog walking", but that just might be too exhausting for me and not really a good option. Thought about making doggie bandanas, but I don't think they are really worth very much.

    So I have tried to think about this...endlessly, but my brain fog just keeps getting in the way, so that is why I am desperately trying to find some other suggestions - maybe from others who have also researched this and are willing to share. I feel like I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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    There is someone here who volunteers on the library support group, and there are library book sales about twice a year. She buys some very good books, some recently donated but not needed , and resells them on E-bay. mr Bill
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    Hi, I too am interested in learning more. I was laid off back in October and even though my husband is working it's tough trying to survive and pay the bills. I just had to put our water bill on a contract this morning because we were going to be disconnected today. They put us on installments thankfully.

    I am not for sure what state you are in but I recently found out here in our state (IN) you can donate plasma and can earn around 250.00 every month doing this. Alot of college students do this for extra money. I however have never done this but am considering it. You do have to have a physical performed but they take care of it all on the first visit. The Salvation Army is who told me about it but I am not for sure is we can even donate blood with Fibro.

    Hope you find something and I will be watching this post too. Thanks, Lendy
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    Check out Tori Johnson's website. She is a correspondent with Good Morning America. She has links to legitimate Work at Home companies.
    Lots of great info!
    Also check out Work at Home Moms. WAHM.com You don't have to be a Mom. =) Independent opportunities so you work as much or as little as you want, responsible for your own success/income.

    Good Luck!
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    There is a lady in our support group that "pet sits" for people when they go out of town. It means that she stays over night at their homes so that their pets do not have to go to a kennel. It means sleeping in different beds and sitting for dogs or cats and sometimes birds, but she enjoys it. Said she gets to sit for people that have tons of paid cable channels so she gets to see all the movies!!!! She started it with one person, then it was "word of mouth" so she knew the people would be reliable.

    Another friend loves to paint and the one school in the state where she is has a publicized week long show of their art class with the option to buy and the person who runs it allows her to exhibit her work and sell her work. Many people paint and think their work is nothing--but the value is really up to the buyer!!!!
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    Well I must say thank you to all that have been responding. Hopefully this will stay active with more suggestions - I am sure others will also benefit from this information. Somehow we always seem to talk about different meds and/or doctors that work for us, but forget about the struggles of living day to day with a chronic illness.

    And thanks Janalynn for the info. about those websites - I will definitely be checking those out.
  9. puppyluvx3

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    Just bumping this post up, in case others missed it and might have some valuable information to contribute...thanks!!!
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    i juat want to tell you i knit scarfs for people and sell them to make some money .and when i am ok i make candy to sell this is very fast seller . will give recipe if u need it also i make cushions with animals on the front .for xmas saves money to great presents.
  11. gracebeliever

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    I was working as a phlebotomist, but had to quit about 18-months ago as I was not able to stand on my feet for over 8 hours..plus the job was very stressful as I had to run the lab by myself.

    There are some great suggestions in this thread, and I hope to see more.
  12. rockgor

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    Is there anything you could teach informally in your home or the client's home. English as a
    second language? How to knit? How to play bridge?

    Too bad you can't get a govt. bailout. Watch out for MrBill. I have a dollar bill here
    and the nose looks very suspicious.

    Could you write a column for a local paper or magazine. On gardening, dogs, ?

    Hard to think of things that don't require deadlines and appointments. Hard for most of
    us to keep.

    Have you checked govt. agencies to see if there is any kind of help you qualify for?

    Good luck

  13. jole

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    This would be a great idea, but people with fibro are not suppose to donate. I was told this by the Red Cross several years ago.....

    My niece donated as often as possible to make ends meet for her family after her husband left her and two kids, and the money really helped out. It's a great idea for someone who's healthy...which leaves us out, unfortunately. ***Jole***
  14. monica33flowers

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    I had a friend who use to do those drug studies. She made enough to pay her rent and her college tuition. But she was healthy. I don't think this may be a viable solution but you could always ask about fibro studies or even ask if having fibro would be a problem.

    My SO (boyfriend) clean a tavern on Saturday and Sundays. The money is cash. Randy does all the hard stuff....mostly moping and putting the barstool and tables aside to clean. We have this down and it takes us one hour to make $25. It is all basic cleaning. Sweep & mop floors. Wipe down barstools and tables. Clean toilets and sinks and if I get finished before Randy I usually do a little something extra. Like Vaccuum the rug in the storage area. The owner treats us so very well and a lot of times gives us an extra $20 if he had a good night.

    Another thing. My hairdresser just started working out this little incentive plan that benefits her and I. She is an awesome hairdresser and she knows a lot of time I cannot afford a cut or even a color. So, she gave me a complimentary cut and color and gave me discount cards if anyone asked who does my hair. The card is for $20 off my next purchase and the new person gets $20 off as well. I have $100 right now in credit with her, the catch is it must be a service over $75. She will also pay me cash to come down and help out at the salon. Just sweeping the away, washing towels, restock product, greet customers, etc.

    If I were you I would ask people like at the grocery store if they know of anyone maybe a senior citizen who just needs to be taken to an appointment, etc. A guy that lives here in town started doing it a year ago after he lost his job and he now has 4 taxi's in this small town of 10,000.

    I'll keep trying to think of things for you and maybe add onto the post later but maybe that helped a little bit?
  15. monica33flowers

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    Can you sew? If you can you can start your own business and just deal with cash. I have a girlfriend who is a stay at home mom and she does a lot of sewing for me. She makes a nice little bundle but her work is awesome and well worth the cash.