Extreme Fatgiue After Exercise

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vino1112, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. vino1112

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    I have been getting mild exercise just as my doctor has suggested. However, I get extreme fatigue after even gentle exercise sometimes. It is so dibilitating I cannot function for days sometimes. At other times, I can exercise and have no problem afterward. Does anyone else have similar symptoms? Any ideas of what to do? I have gone through the routine of gradually increasing exercise, but sometimes it still hits me hard.
  2. Mike

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    I had the same problem for the first year of CFS but the problem disappeared. One time I went bowling and slept for the next 32 out of 36 hours. So after that, I quit doing anything other than mild walks. Finally I quit my job so that I could try to solve the problem. I then started to play golf and the problem didn't occur. Then I started jogging and the problem still didn't occur. Now I can do as much exercise as my body will tolerate.

    Hopefully, the same will happen with you. Don't give up but just take it slowly since exercise can help make the fatigue better.

  3. jka

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    some days i can do 2-3 miles on treadmill. other days i cant even look at it.i just do what i can when i can.maybe you are trying to do too much do 10 minutes 3x aday.on days you feel bad- dont do anything.you have to gage what you can do or cant do.i know they say exercise makes fibro better,but when you can hardly walk to the front door, its hard to even think about exercising!

    best of luck
    kathy c