EXTREME Fatigue after gallbladder surgery

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tgeewiz, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. tgeewiz

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    I'll leave out all the details, but...

    ...I left my job in January 2005 due to Chronic Fatigue. I have been to Mayo, FFC and just about every doctor known to mankind.

    In November 2005 I had my gallbladder removed. I thought this might be causing my fatigue to some extent. However, I went from having chronic fatigue to feeling like an 85-year old man with chronic fatigue (I am only 38). I get the normal non-sensicle response from dr.'s when I tell them about this.

    Any ideas what happened or how to fix?

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  2. Adl123

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    I'm so sorry you are having such a terrible time. The same thing happened to me after a surgery, too. I chalk it up to the anthesia. I had general anesthesia, and even though it was only a 45 minute out-patient operation, I had to spend over 10 hours on oxygen! I haven't been the same, since.

    The only thing I can suggest, is to find a program for you, and gently work your way back to strength, slowly. Just remember to have patience with it all, and I know that is hard!

    I have found that my acupuncturist has really helped me. Acupuncture heals the body, and makes the things that we do for it, work better. Just be sure, if you decide to try this, that your acupuncturist has had really good trainng and uderstands the Asian thought process. He/she should also be a Dr. of Chinese Medicine. I was lucky to find one who studied in Tibet, and who is really sincere in wanting to heal.

    This company (ProHealth) has some good supplements. I also have found that drinking only Mountain Spring Water has really helped me feel better.

    Good luck to you.

  3. boltchik

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    I also had my gall bladder out just over a year ago and I am around your age. I had a terrible reaction to the anethesia. I have had this reaction before, bad luck with that. Itching, feel like I can't breathe. Anyways, my fatique has been the worst ever for me this past year. I think I have had fibro/CFS for several years. Did you have stones? Mine, they said was a "growth", so I was like, get it the heck out of there!! Turned out it was just stones. I am wondering if they could have been dissolved instead of my gallbladder removed. My stomach has never been the same. Let me know more about your situation. Kim :)
  4. monicaz49

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    i had gall bladder sugery a few years ago also. i am 31 now and believe i suffer from CFS. I dont know if its the cause...but ive also had a nasty reaction to anesthesia for a recent c-section (low blood pressure almost blacked out, VERY itchy all over and tired). i WONDER if there could be a link to the removal of that organ.
  5. rosemarie

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    I had my gall bladder out just over a year ago. It was just after my oldest daughters wedding.

    It was to be a out patient surgery and I would be home at the end of the day. But I spent another 3 days in the hospital because my sats were so low. And I could not take a deep breath to make my sats come up. A

    S breathing really hurt so I was not breathing deep enough to get enough 02 in my body , It was really scary for me. And I am sick of hospitals. It took a long time for me to get any energy back and I still have more fatique now than i did before the surgery.

    But I have found that I get more colds and coughs sicne that surgery. I am always tired and sl eepy . And my Fibro and CMP are worse as well.

    But that just could be me. And a funny note to this, I drank diet coke like it was water. I had a 6 pack a day sometimes more. And as soon as I had my gall bladder out I was craving a diet coke so I had one and it tasted nasty to me.

    So I dumped it out. I can drink it now but it does not taste like it did before my gall bladder surgery. I also get nausous when I eat spicy or greasy foods .

    This too has only been since the surgery. So I really have to watch what I eat.
    Even barbque sause is to spicey for me. sounds silly doesn't it but some brands seem to cause me to have the worse nauesa .

    But after the gall bladder surgery I was on 100% 02 for the 1st 2 days I was there. And I would just move and it would set off the metor.And I was so tired and my pain was so much harder to handle and deal with. NOw I am more tired and feel worse in someways since that surgey. Who knows what it did to me.

  6. dragon06

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    I have not been the same since my gallbladder surgery. All of my conditions worsened. I have FM and it started to get really bad after the operation, same as my fatigue.
  7. tgeewiz

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    Thank you all for your responses. It's nice to know that I am not alone in my reaction to GB surgery.

    Boltchik - No I did not have any stones. This is why it took so long to have my gb removed. First I had an MRI, then an ultrasound. These did not reveal any stones. Finally, they did a HIDA scan which tests the function of the gallbladder. It revealed that although I did not have stones, my gb was not functioning properly. I was on my 3rd GI doctor when I finally got this diagnosis.

    Incidentally, I read an article yesterday about having Vitamin A defiency following various types of intestinal surgery, including gb surgery. You can find this article by doing a search for "Vitamin A surgery" on Yahoo.

    Also, most vitamin eggsperts recommend taking Vitamin D & Calcium with Vitamin A. So, that's what I did yesterday!

    The result is that I felt good enough 5 hours later to play golf in the afternoon. In contrast, on most days it has been difficult to simply walk through a grocery store. I know that this is only 1 day but it is something I will continue to take. Also, I have been taking colostrum, nani juice & 5-htp - but they have never given me the boost that I felt yesterday and today.

    Thanks again for your responses.

    Say a prayer for me - I am going to meet with an SSDI attorney this afternoon!