Extreme muscle spasms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by drivenleonian, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. drivenleonian

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    I have been fighting depression, fatigue and anxiety for 2 years. I had a multi level spinal fusion in Oct 06. The surgery went well, but now I have more symptoms than pre surgery. Lately, I have notice that when my husband gently touches certain parts on my body, I jerk and have a painful muscle spasm. Nothing like the spasms before the surgery. I woner if there are other symptoms that I need to tell my doctor. Many of my friends and family think I have FM. I also have extreme cases of incontinence and sleep on average of 12 hours a day. I am always tired and depressed. I feel like I have the flu if I lapse on my medication. It all started 9 months ago with a stiff neck, and has incresaed to my entire body not wanting to move, either from pain or stiffness. The numbness has slowed somewhat but it is still in my extremities. I also have had no relief from the radiating pain down my legs. What should I tell my surgeon and where can I start. I also see 2 pain management doctors. I was just wondering where to start with explaining my symptoms and do not want to sound like a complainer.
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    I know you go and ask then they tell you it is from the depression !!!I had to change my doctor because he did not belive me anyway It does sound like some of the symptoms and I think it is good that your famiy belive you that is a start I am not too sure about where you go form there I am sure someone more experience that me will help you with information many people on here know depession really well
    me included I hope ou find some answers.
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    first congrats on getting the back surgery done, i too had surgery last Aug and am glad,i also have fibro and see a pain managment dr, any stress like surgery can cause fibro to flare,really bad,causing all these spasms, i get trigger point injections at the drs that are a life saver, i go every three months,sometimes i don't need them,most times i do,allway's in the upper back, shoulder muscles,sometimes even the neck,and alway's the lower back.
    they use a freezing spray to numb the skin,and a small needle.
    but it makes those rock hard muscles RELAX,so look into it,it works,have your doc recamend a pain managment dr with fibro you'll need one.
    God Bless,write ant time you need fibrosurviver for 8 yrs
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    Have had fibro for 25 years. Disabled for 12. Am able to live a semi-normal life now. Have rebuilt my life and even remarried, and volunteer in the community. Had a WONDERFUL specialist (rheumatoid arthritic) who noticed a relation between neck and back disc problems and fibro. She swears fibro comes from degenerated disc disease or disc problems, either from wear and tear or from accidents. I also had enormous stress which led up to it all. Not unusual that you have pain radiating down your leg. I had that and was put on bed rest to heal the rupture in the discs. There is something going on in your spine for sure. The nerves all gather through your spinal cord and up your spine to your neck. If there is damage to the spine, the nerves will be affected. The nerves in your back and neck run all the way down, to your toes, and down your arms to your fingertips - in fact, to every part of your body. That is partly why pain radiates to all parts of the body in fibro. It is actually a condition of the central nervous system. Heal the back and neck and you will heal the fibro. Get rid of some of the stresses and the body has the inherent ability to heal itself over time. She also would not allow me to have surgery as she didn't believe it solved the problem. Interesting that you are not actually better after surgery. It was a long time, but I am 100% better for taking her advice. She has a video tape she put out, up here in Toronto, Canada. You can acquire it if you want to know exactly what is going on - her name is Dr. Frances Leung, phone no. in Canada (and it's WORTH the call for the tape) is 416-462-1220. Fax machine is also part of this phone number so call back if you can't get through. It will help you understand what is going on with your body and remedies you can. take. Good luck and good health! Hope this helps. Remember knowledge is power. and a little faith and hope doesn't hurt!!!

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