extreme pain and weakness in legs

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  1. damyank

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    I have had these symptoms over a year and I would have to say when I push myself it becomes even more extreme.Right now they hurt,ache and feel fatigued and has made it difficult to walk.Anybody else have these feelings?I seem to be minority since I am a 34yr. old male any feedback greatly appreciated.
  2. sjogrens

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    Helo, I also am in my 30's but I am female. I have the tired achy pain in my arms and legs. I feel like I have bowling balls attached to all of them. They have this terrible ache like when we use to have growing pains. Sometimes they are sore like how a bruise would feel. I have good days and bad days. On good days I push myself so much I regret it for days. I won't want to do anything but sleep. That is hard to do with 5 kids under 12.

    Your not alone. Although I think is less frequent for men. I know it is possible though. I hope you feel better.

  3. bpmwriter

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    the muscle pain / fatigue in my legs is the most frustrating of all of this for me. i always beg my acupuncturist, "give me my legs back!" i love hiking in nature, but most days my legs won't allow it. i didn't have the leg pain until i moved from LA to florida, so i often wonder if humid weather doesn't play a role in that particular symptom. sorry, i wish i could offer something that would help!

  4. renae1979

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    I know that since the cold weather has moved in my legs have ached so bad!! It is just crazy. I have been feeling great up until the weather changed too, but now my legs just ache no matter what I do. It is terrible pain.
  5. XKathiX

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    I've had leg pain and weakness for years. I always thought it was due to my bad knees, but then I had a knee replacement and realized the pain wasn't from my knees.

    What's strange is when I go to the doctors and they test leg strength, it's pretty good. But there are some days when they are so weak I can barely lift them.

    I like you profile response to your age:)

  6. lgriffith

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    I know exactly how you feel. The symptoms just showed up one day. I went from able to walk around a bit to using a cane in a three month period. I kept pushing my primary doc to figure out what was going one. I ended up at a neurologist who gave me a emg test. I had neuropathy. We as fm's already take what is out there. I tried everything. One day a fellow fm friend turned me on to an anthesiologist who gives me half epidural/half steriod shots in my back. You will feel as if you can dance on air. I also just started Lyrica about four weeks ago. That will help too. In august, the neurologist told me he thought the neuropathy was from the fm. Aren't we lucky?

    Hot water helps the legs too. Get a cane when out walking.

  7. cczub

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    It's not alwys the case for me, but 60% of the time my legs are like jello and ache really bad. Also having 3 surgeries on my right and 1 on my left knee and ankle do not help the situation. I surf fish and can't do this more than once a week at best now but refuse to give it up. I do however pay dearly for this passion as the day or 2 after I go out are hell. I just got done replacing a bunch of ceiling tiles at work and being up and down the ladder for 2 hours has got me on the verge of tears...

    Hot baths do help and I'm looking forward to one when I get home soon. Also, I'll fill the tub just high enough to rest my legs and then turn on the shower with the massager and work over my shoulders real good too.. Just the warm water from the showerhead on regular helps a ton to relax the muscles.
  8. angeljoe

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    I am a 34 year old female with fibro and CFS. My pain started out only in my legs. My legs felt very weak and the pain was deep to my core. I couldn't make anyone (hubby or doctors) understand the feeling I tried to describe with my legs. My legs felt uncontrollable to me. It was like they belonged to someone else. My work involves a lot of walking on cement floors, This made matters worse for me. Even now with a flare up my legs hurt more than anything else. I've had steroid shots in my shoulders, legs, hips but the pain never leaves. I take flexeril at bedtime just to be able to sleep. I try not to push myself so much anymore because over exerting myself makes everything worse.
  9. susanmarie1

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    To all that are suffering from the muscle pain and weakness, are any of you taking Statins (medications for high cholesterol)?

    I have been diagnosed with CFIDS/FMS for 20 years now, and many of these years, I have been taking statins. My cholesterol has never been all that high, but my doc felt that it was necessary. As it turns out, this group of drugs can cause severe muscle pain and weakness. I, too, felt the pain more so in my legs, but for a long time, I used to know that I was crashing as I would feel the horrible aching in my thighs. I was speaking to a rehabilitation doctor, and he said that there is a specific test, that when it comes back positive, and you are using a statin, that it means that you cannot and should not use statins again. I wish now, that I remembered the name of this blood test, as it may be helpful to many.

    I will do my best to find what the name of this test on my next appointment, but the muscle pain and weakness was not just limited to my legs. It affects my arms, back, hips, etc. His only solution was to try medications to keep the cholesterol under control, was to eliminate the statins and to used a med like Zetia and similar drugs similar to the Zetia alone.

    Zetia is supposed to be used in conjunction with a Statin, but more studies found that it can work alone to lower cholesterol, especially the LDL. I think it depends on if any of us can tolerate either class of drugs. I seem to have a paradoxical reaction to most meds, so I'm in a bit of a "Catch 22."

    Again, I will get the name of the blood test if can help anyone that suffers from this awful muscle pain and weakness.

    All the best and a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

  10. pirtpain

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    It is good to hear from a male. YES YES, my legs hurt all the time. I know that every time I see my Dr. he asks what my biggest problem is and it is always my legs. They swell, feel heavy all the time, and hurt behind the knee alot.

    Because I am so heavy, the Dr. tells me how much better I would feel if I lost some weight and move more, i.e. walk. Even when I did, my legs were still the worst problem. So, don't feel alone. I hope this helps.

  11. UPK5

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    Hi Damyank,

    I definitely have aching legs. They do not hurt in all the places all the time. Some days, my calves are so stiff, I cannot step down without cringing in pain. Sometimes I have flares in one or both knees. Last Tuesday, I could barely walk down my flight of stairs in my house. My right knee was so stiff, I had to keep it straight and my left leg did all the work to help me get down the steps. OUCH. I hurt all day and into the next day. Nothing seemed to relieve the pain. However, Wednesday night I went to my Kripalu yoga class and mentioned the extreme tightness and pain I was feeling in my knee to my instructor. When I finished the class, it was like magic - ta da - my knee was working again. Ahhh, what great relief. I had tried to stretch it on my own, but I suppose I did not do the stretch my knee was looking for. I am so happy to have this class to go to.

    I have FMS and do have problems with my back & shoulders too. But when my legs are in terrible pain, it is scary, cause I rely on them from getting me from one place to another.

    I can't pinpoint where the pain comes from. It just is there some days and not other days. It doesn't have to be raining for it to hurt. I don't have to overdue it for the pain to begin. It just happens.

    I have had arthroscopic surgery in both knees, but again, still have pain in both knees and throughout my legs. I deal with this chronic pain, as best as I can.

    Hope you are feeling better and find some relief to help you.
  12. 57Wagon

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    45 year old male here

    I have extreme pain and weakness in my legs, and the more I try to do and exercise through the pain the worst it got. I did absolutely nothing for 2 months and the pain almost went away and I'm now able to walk up stairs now. But I do have to be very carefully or I can start felling my legs hurting and weakness setting in again
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    Walking was my favorite thing to do_On good days I can take my walker around a grocery store.damyank.Do you use a cane? I was reluctant to use on but it takes a lot of pressure off your legs so that you can do more.