Extreme Sugar Cravings

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by steach, May 29, 2008.

  1. steach

    steach Member

    Hi Folks-

    Lately I have been having major sugar cravings (not just around the time for my cycle). Before the sugar craving comes on, I feel weak and shaky; after I eat an entire bag of candy, I feel worse- especially feeling as though I could throw-up everything I just ate. Any ideas or suggestions? I'm not a diabetic that I know of, I'm on the same medications. Are there any over-the-counter test kits for sugar levels?

  2. sascha

    sascha Member

    a simple blood test can find this out- next time you're tested for thyroid or whatever- or request a test. i don't know anything about diabetic equipment... sorry.

    but- i do want to say that if it's an addiction to sugar that you're dealing with (and it is an addiction), you can take steps to wean yourself off it.

    i was in FAIR (Food Addicts in Recovery), and their main rules are no sugar or flour, and their teachings are that it takes around three weeks of abstinence to detoxify from the sugar. and part of the deal is that refined carbs act on the body like sugar, so they have to go, too. but it can be done. i found i eventually felt so much better having all good food sources and eliminating the empty calories. i'm off all breads and baked things and sugars in any form. i use stevia to sweeten things. getting rid of the sugar gives your body a much better chance to heal illness. that's a very important part of why i want to eat well and eliminate the junk.

    and getting your nutrition from good, whole foods FEELS so much BETTER!!

    many people with diabetes who joined and followed the FAIR program got off the insulin over time after cutting out all sugar and non-healthful foods from their diets.

    very good luck to you! hope you find your solution- Sascha
  3. lillieblake

    lillieblake New Member


    I had a surgical menopause so I can't relate to that issue, but I have sugar cravings and then I do get nauseated after eating it. I also have low blood sugar (104, normal 130-150)
    and test my blood.

    I do know that after eating a nutritious breakfast of oatmeal with peanut butter and a yogurt, when I stop at the gas station for a Pepsi I get peanut butter cookies and eat two of them. The first one tastes good, the second makes me dizzy and crappy feeling.

    Maybe not eating the entire bag of candy (and I can relate to that too!), just like I shouldn't eat the second cookie, will help.

    Definitely ask your doctor for a sugar test the next time you are there. Simple with immediate results.

    Good luck - Lillie
  4. SpiroSpero

    SpiroSpero New Member

    could you tell us more about reactive hypoglycemia. would be so cool. I measured my blood sugar but it's always normal and I also have these sugar cravings now.
    I have them the for the first time now after I took B12 and antihistamines. I dont know the connection but there is one for me. when I crave chocolate (i only want chocolate so maybe it's different? body's need for magnesium or neutransmitters or more serotonin? who knows).
    i feel better but my skin gets worse, maybe because of yeast.

    greets spiro
  5. steach

    steach Member

    I normally do not crave anything, including candy/sugar. A couple days before my cycle, I do crave chocolate- which I have always done- that is normal for me. This sugar/candy craving is a new thing for me. But, I just finished an antibiotic for a sinus and ear infection. I took Diflucan when finished with the prescription. Hmmm, I wonder if it is related to a yeast overgrowth in my body; maybe I need the probiotics. I do take medication for my thyroid- could this be something new developing that is thyroid related? I have been on the same medication regimen for a few years but never gave any thought to the antibiotic! Thanks for the info!

    Thanks again everyone,
  6. ruti

    ruti Member

    candida is thriving on sugar.
    Do you have symptoms like - furry white tongue, problems digesting (diarria, bloating, IBS), lack of absorsion of foods and minerals
    fungus in nails or vigiana, tireness, toxitc feelings, memory and cognitive diffiulties, headhecks

    When I had active candida I really had craving to sweets - it went away. try to get diagnosis for it - it is very hard and can not be done in standard medicine - regular doctors usually laugh at you and tell you it doesn't exist - try to find a lab that test for it (stool, saliva, blood tests)

  7. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    Dr St Amand has a low carb diet to address this on his website:

  8. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    You do not mention in your Bio if you suffer from depression as a result from this DD, but if you do the sugar craving could signal a time for a dosage change.

  9. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    and it turned out to be Hypoglycemia for me.

    In my case, my sugar is normal (on the low side) in most of my tests, however I have had some very low blood sugar test results.

    Hypoglycemia isn't necessarily where you always have low blood sugar, it is variable, but most likely normal most of the time.

    I would describe your symptoms to your Dr and see what he/she says and get a fasting blood sugar test done.

  10. steach

    steach Member

    Thank all of you for sharing so much information. There could be alot of possibilities.

    It seems that the sugar craving is subsiding- not totally gone. Should I contact my dr. office for another dose of the Diflucan? I do need to purchase the probiotics. I had been taking the digestive enzymes and ran out and haven't gone to purchase more. Maybe the yeast from the antibiotic has decreased.

    I have noticed a "whiteish coating" on my tongue (yuck); I always brush my tongue when I brush my teeth.

    Thanks again everyone for your help.


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