extreme vertigo??? anyone

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  1. sabimax

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    ok second time now that stuck in bed with extreme vertigo...

    this time I was at work..and I took antivert, my medd doctor gave me after prednisone for 5 days..then given the antivert for time when feel dizzy...ok took it...

    then came home from work..early...layed down...couldnt lift my head without extreme room spins..ugggggg

    I layed in bed for 10 hours...slept the last 4 of those hours...then got up and was ok...today went to work and ok...

    wondered if anyone with fibro..really also gets vertigo....or not?? still wondering if my diagnosis was too quick to say it is fibro just to give me something....since been buggin drs for 6 years on my symptoms...thinking neurlogical in nature...take care,sarah
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    I get vertigo all the time and it last at least two weeks. I only had it twice when its been really bad crawed on floor to get around. Told my kids they will find me dead sometime after the vertigo tosses me into something anf I break my neck. Its not fun at all but alot of people get it. My husband does and he doesnt have fibro.

  3. jakeg

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    Just wandering if you have been to a specailist versis your pcp. I think you should see a specialist about this since this could lead to severe complications. My old boss who still works(I'm no longer able to work) has problems with this also and is still seeing the doc for this for a resolution. I think that it is something to do with some type of virus or the like. I can see that this can be really critical for you depending on what you are doing at the time that it happens. Have you talked to anyone besides your pcp? If not I think you should. The next time it happens call 911 and go the hospital and see what they can find out. You just never know some one there may find something that your pcp is missing.

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  4. sydneysider

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    I do not suffer with vertigo, but with what is technichly a balance problem, similar to being drunk. I have 20 years history of headaches dizzines, muscle problems, etc., so I follow a lot of dizziness info. I am DX with TMJ(JAW)+ FM.

    In the last year I finally discovered that some of the symptoms that I believed were FM, were due to compressed disks in my neck. ALso recently had attacks of extreme unsteadiness, and one of temporary lost vision, when tilting my head. I physio told me this is a vertibral artery symptom.

    I spoke to doctor, and questioned if balance problem could also be due to arteries. He said possibly vertibrobasilar artery.

    I saw a neuro this week. He offered no investigation whatsoever. My previous brain MRI was clear. I've read that there are investigations such as transcranial doppler imaging, and maybe other possible testing, so I'm seeing a second neuro next week.

    Looks like neuros don't want to be bothered with these problems, as they are difficult to figure out and they don't believe that they can do much anyway. Also, they don't expect younger people to have these problems.

    I flicked through some of your posts, and noticed some symptoms which seem like possible neuro symptoms.

    I don't believe vertigo attacks are part of fibro(although somebody will probably disagree). I've seen many people on this board reporting all kinds of different types of dizziness symptoms. If they were all reporting the same types of symptoms then I would suspect that this is part of fibro. So, have to say that I am skeptical.

    You can probably see from my own experience, why I think it's a mistake to write everything of as 'just fibro'.

    I'm wandering if these vertigo symptoms that you are experiencing might hopefully be just from some ear infection, or some other temporary problem, or something to do with a medication you are taking.

    An ENT or a neuro would be the specialists to see if you need to investigate . Also, there are some good web sites. I know of one called thedizzylounge.

    I'm happy to answer any questions if I can possibly be of any help.

  5. Cromwell

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    2mg Valium taken up to three times a day works the best for vertigo as it calms the nerve. Antivert can even increase dizzyness in some people. 2mg is a very low dose. I also find now my vertigo went away, that if I take just one 2mg valium at bedtime I sleep better than I slept in years. Valium got a bad rap years ago and yet it is quite effective at these very low doses. It is a case of more is not better. Maybe this would work. That vertigo is the pits, as even when it goes away, it hangs on as the weird head feeling whenever it choses.
    Get well soon,
    Love Cromwell
  6. GBHope

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    appears to be some kind labyrinthitis for 10 years off and on. It is never completely gone, but better at times. Yes, my head feels very weird sometimes, especially if my sinuses are messed up. I am also affected with dizziness by when my neck muscles are tight from my fibromyalgia like today. I hate being dizzy all the time, but no one has been able to get rid of it. I even saw a neurologist in the beginning and he had a viral labyrinthitis. I know part of it has something to do with my ears because I had have some abnormal hearing on the left side with a BAER test. I also have chronic tinnitus and have had problems with inner ear symptoms since 18 that came and went and like I said have been pretty constant for the last 10 years with periods of improvement. Not fun though I know. I can't drive much on the freeway and sometimes not even close to home. I have to be careful and let me son or daughter drive me quite a bit. When I first got sick 10 years ago, I woke up and the room was spinning. From then on out, it was downhill. Take care and I hope you can get some relief.

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  7. Ladyhurt

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    Actually vertigo is caused by ear rocks yes i did say ear rocks tiny particals that get loose inside your ear drum and there are ways to train your self to tilt your head but it still takes alot to get use to , I had surgury one my right ear Dr said they were large enough to see with the naked eye so it,s not often they see them until they open you up it,s a horrible way to live but i felt so much better after the surgury , but now I have vertigo on left side uggggggggggggg does it get any worse lol i hope this helps some of you it,s a neroligist that you see for this good one at Sunny Brook in Toronto his name is Dr Nedselski.
    LadyHurts likes to help so ask me and ill try
    good health to all.
  8. sabimax

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    lets see....answers to some questions...this is second bout of the vertigo...a bad bout anyhow...

    the first time my ears were checked too do with inner ear issues...causing it..they said no...

    I have seen a neuro...then a MS specialist to check on the neuro issues I have....heck funny the MS spec. said all these sx I am having arent neurological that they are probably fibro...well they sure seem neurlogical to me...and to most that read them hehehe..

    soon I will see pcp..and say hey whatver this is I want to figure it all out...and also ask for what sx relief ideas....

    and yes thinking if the vertigo happens again this badly...I will go to ER....thanks all....

    my vertigo, dizzys, numbness and tingling, pins and needles, uncoordination of hands, balance issues, and the eye blurring...kept me thinking on the lines of MS for many years here....and now the specialist says no not that....so who knows...sarah...thanks all...
  9. lenasvn

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    There are many reasons for neurological damage, do an online search on vertigo, and look for neurological. I have the same problem with severe vertigo on and off, and tingling in arms and hands, arm weakness, when I hold my arms above my hands for long they hurt and want to fall down, my doc says it's neurological. Now we have to start the process of finding out why. In my case it's possible it's severe cervical damage in my neck, or any other reason. Weakness in arms, tingling and numbness is typical for upper servical. Did you have neck pain in the past? I did have it alot in the past, the pain is gone almost, but I am stiff, when I flare, the pain comes back somewhat, but not as bad as when it all started. it seem the pain wore itself out somehow.
  10. angelgro

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    I was diagnosed with Meniere's...a fancy way of saying middle ear problem. I woke one morning with the room spinning and couldn't stand up and sick at my stomach....scared me to death thought I was having a stroke or something. I ended up in the ER and they gave me valium and it helped a lot. They sent me home and told me to go to a specialist so I went to a Ear doctor and they ran test and found out my hearing was bad on my left side and I also have these sounds, like a high pitch and wind blowing that drove me nuts. The vertigo only lasted for a few hours and I slept a lot that day. I had two more attacks after that and I have not had an attack in some time now...one year now. I have antivert and valium in case it does but so far so good and I hope it never comes back. Good luck and I hope you find out what yours is.

  11. Ladyhurt

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    Here we go again i rolled over today and omg the room was spinning vertigo again i,m hoping this bout last about 1 day lol anyone else get this mine usually last from a day to 3 months? seeing the Dr in July about this again had surgery last time and it actually worked but now just taking meds serc there called, anyone with advice let me know.
  12. reckabek

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    Is vertigo a sign of Fibro? I have had vertigo for 6 yrs and also the chronic back pain....i have never been diagnosed w/ fibro, but am seriously thinking i got it...expecially if the vertigo i get from time to time is related to fibro....thanks..beck
  13. Marta608

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    Sarah, I've had it four times so far. Since I remember the count you can know how bad it was - crashing into walls, feeling drunk without the fun.

    Oddly - and I'm going to adopt that word as a middle name - it begins for me the first thing in the morning. The first two times I went back to sleep and when I woke up it was gone. The last two times I wasn't so lucky; it took me two days. Weeks sounds awful! Since the last time seemed to be a part of quitting an AD, I think it's another nervous system glitch for the most part. "Just"...

  14. itzmede

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    of vertigo just one time that sent me to the ER. Every time I moved or opened my eyes I would vomit(sorry to be so graphic), which was approximately 20-30 times. That is how dizzy I was. I became dehydrated in less than 12 hours. It was about 2 weeks before I could even think about driving or going to work, and not sure I should have been, even then! It slowly went away but it was the better part of a year before it was completely gone. I have Lupus and FM. This seems to be a fairly common occurence with us.
  15. UnicornK

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    Once I even passed out in the bathroom.

    When I got to the hospital my blood pressure almost wasn't there. I almost died.

    The moral here is to be very careful. We don't want to lose you!

    God Bless.
  16. reckabek

    reckabek New Member

    wow, Ive had vertigo more time then i can count, seemed worse yrs ago then now, but when i do get vertigo it lasts for weeks, however i can function, i just need to stay upright, and avoid the turning and bending of the head...back a few yrs ago, i had to go to the hospitol also, but becuase i thought i had a tumor...they catscanned me..nothing. since the long terms cycles r less extreme..and dealable, or maybe im just used to it, and am not gonna let it keep me in bed...i find with myself, if i just get up, as sick as it makes me to get upright and moving, i tend to beable to maintain upnesss and go on with the day...oh and no meds help me. ugggg.....well good luck to those w/ vertigo...again can anyone tell me if this is related to FIBRO or just coincedental??? thansk, beck
  17. rmc20021

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    I've had problems with vertigo in the past and went for physical therapy for it. Was trained to do some exercises (can't really remember them well now), but...I have found that every time I experience vertigo that lasts a couple days that if I do at least the one exercise that it does help. All you have to do is to hold your head still and move your eyes as far to one side as possible and then to the other and keep repeating. Also move them up and down...all the while keep your eyes open. It helps me and it's worth a try....
  18. Kacjac

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    It's horrible!
    Once I had it severe, almost threw my guts up..Sorry...
    The room was spinning so fast, I thought I was flyin'
    It was caused by Nerontin.
    But I also have small dizzy spells kinda often too!
    Meclizine is a good drug to help. If you just want an OTC.
    Best Wishes, Karen
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  19. butterfly8

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    I get attacks of vertigo - in fact, it was one of the first symptoms of cfs for me.

    I know that there are lots of causes and you should check them all out. I have had all the ear tests and neuro. tests and all came back negative. Also, the tablets and exercises that were recommended to stop the vertigo did not work in my case.

    I have finally found that my vertigo is caused by toxic overload on my liver, which is not working properly. Lots of people with cfs have poor liver function which can be tested for. The liver overloads with toxins, the other organs cannot work properly and there goes the world!!!!!!!!!! I noticed that the vertigo starts anywhere between 24 and 48 hours after exposure to the toxins.

    Toxins that give me vertigo include: strong emotional episodes like anger and arguments: hair dye: antibiotics: cleaning chemicals: some perfumes: petrol exhausts: the latest was the radiation from the mammogram that I had.

    The only thing that works for me is St. mary's thistle - slow, but I am usually feeling ok in about 3-4 days. But so tired afterwards.....