Extreme Weakness - Like Going into Shock -- Ideas?

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    Mary and Patti,

    Just got Vitacost Adrenal Complex. Question: should I take it on an empty stomach? Starting with 1/day (250mg adrenal)/100mg multi glandular) for 3 days, then 2/day for 3 days, then 3/day and stop at that -- see if that helps.

    Once I'm up to it, off to kinesiologist for muscle testing, do the saliva test, etc. One thing about muscle testing is that things can change from day to day. One day looks like you're sensitive to eating bananas, next day no reaction.

    I just took one, and maybe (?) I'm being too optimisti,c but I SWEAR I already feel less weak, calmer.

    I can't read long posts here very easily. So forgive me if I'm not responding. Breaking things in short papagraphs helps. With ME/CFIDS, my mind gets fatigued as much as my body.

    Good luck everyone, love sharing our knowledge and stories.

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    Hi All.

    Denise, so glad you've had a good reaction to the adrenal so far. Keep us updated day by day if you're able.

    I'm still afraid to take mine yet.

    I'll only take one pill a day, or even skip days as needed, since I'm so drug-sensitive - a little goes a long way with me.

    My bottle says take one a day, and doesn't specify on empty stomach so I'll take it with food.

    I have untreated high blood pressure which could get raised even worse than it already is, so scared of that happening too right off the bat first adrenal capsule. Plus it can raise my already too high blood sugar.

    But I've read that if I can get my hormones straightened out, it helps improve blood pressure, along with my high cholesterol and high blood sugar - those three things together are called Syndrome X, or now called Metabolic Syndrome.

    Too bad I can't afford a chiro who could pinpoint exactly what I need. So on I trudge, experimenting away.

    Keep us updated on how you do on the adrenal day by day, thanks. How are you feeling now? Did you sleep as you usually do (which is never good anyway).

    I'm afraid it will make me unable to sleep - I just got over a 32-hour period two days ago where I couldn't sleep - from my bipolar. In fact, adrenal cortex supplement is not supposed to be taken with bipolar. I think I'm talking myself out of trying it, which is probably wise on my part.

    I think I better just stick with my DHEA, since it's helping me a lot. It can help heal my adrenals.

    When I was a young teen, I wished my name was Denise, haha.

    Michele, my sister's name is spelled with one 'L' like yours.

    I did the coma sleeping for two years straight every day and night when I first got CFS after a bronchitis/flu and never fully recovered. The CFS hit me at age eighteen and a half, took me right out of the loop right off the bat.

    Then all of a sudden at the two year mark, I could get up and function til age 45 when it got way worse than ever before - that's when the horrible brain fog and severe orthostatic intolerance and cognitive problems and weakness hit me and laid me out flat to this day, age 60. During my good years, I always had to lay down between activities, so I know I had a mild orthostatic intolerance - never sat up unless I absolutely had to.

    Plus, my occasional coma sleeping hasn't happened in the past few years since I started trying new supplements - I would coma sleep for a day or two after way overdoing.

    This DHEA is strengthening me so much. Even making me feel like my - what I suspected was muscle wasting which the diabetes pill I'm on can cause, that's when the feeling started three years ago - now I don't feel muscle-wasted. Much stronger now bodily.

    I tried a shower chair before I finally had to go to baths. It was in my way and I expected to trip over it and go flying while I used it the first time, so that was out, haha.

    Google the Chi Swing machine and you can read all about it and see it. It also gives you more energy, more stamina in my case - most probably from getting the lymph fluids moving to clear toxins.

    Mary, when you mentioned pantothenic acid I finally looked it up to refresh my memory, and saw that I have been taking that with my high-dose sublingual liquid B-Complex - mostly very high dose B-12 which I need. The pantothenic acid is 30 mg. which is 300% RDA. Gonna add the high dose B-Complex to my list of helps in my previous post above.

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    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the great tips re meditation.

    "So the hard part is actually learning not to try, I think. Letting go over and over and over again. That's all. And not beat yourself up or get upset when you find your mind trying to solve world problems or fix the leaky sink - you just let go again, just observe and let go. And there are all sorts of techniques for meditation - there's the link you posted, The Relaxation Response by Benson which has a very simple technique, and so on. For me, the simpler the better."

    I learned meditation years ago. HOWEVER, have forgotten most of the "things." I'll check out Benson. Me too - the simpler the better! I feel encouraged now to just do what I can. 5 minutes for me is a good beginning time.

  4. bretzie

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    I had a little positive response, now taking it twice a day. I think any hormones are best taken on an empty stomach, but yes if it upsets your stomach, with food. Sorry you think it best to stop this, but do what is safest.

    I'm still incredibly weak. This high humidity and warm weather knock me out. Yesterday was incredibly humid and hot, but I had to go out. OMG, awful. My legs felt like 10 tons of lead, back always hurts me. Had to sit down after half a block. AND I live in a 6 story walkup, so no elevator. Groceries are a real challenge. :(

    At this point, I don't know how much I need, hard to judge how the adrenals are helping. But I think they are a bit. Will get to kinesiologist when weather's cooler and find out what he thinks.

    I admire your ability to write so much, for me that's just too exhausting. Doubt I'll post daily re adrenal supp. Will post as I'm able. Going to rest now -- good luck.

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    Denise - I just saw your post. Good luck with the meditation - 5 minutes is great to start, whatever works for you. Jam has just started doing it too. I read somewhere that if a person doesn't think they have time to do it, it means they need to do it more than ever :).

    I'm really glad to hear that you seem to be having a positive response to the adrenal glandular. I took mine with food, I don't think it matters, whatever works best for you. And very glad to hear you will be seeing a kinesiologist too - that can really help with the dosage. I had to take 3 or 4 times the recommended dose for a couple of weeks in the beginning because I was so weak. Anyways, I'm really glad to hear positive news! Keep us posted -

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    Hi Patti - yeah, with your bipolar, the adrenal supplement may not be a good idea for you - I really don't know. I'm really glad the DHEA is helping you. I take that too. I had a chi swing machine, and it made me crash, I guess I was too weak. This was 5 or 6 years ago, maybe I could tolerate it now. I do have a mini-trampoline/rebounder, which I keep forgetting to do - I can do that, it's supposed to move the lymph as well, help with immune system and detoxing and actually will go do it in just a minute.

    Good luck and take care - keep us posted -

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    Hi Mary,

    I read the same thing re meditation. Yeah, Yeah, but not easy to do what's good for us, haha.

    I had a bit of an up then down to the basement. We're having hideously airless, high high humidity for days now. Impacts my weakness. Real progress doesn't usually happen with a few supplements, so I'm trying to be patient. When this heat and humidity are gone, I can get to the kinesiologist and begin in earnest.

    I remember you said you had to take so much as you were so weak. How are you doing now?
    Thanks for your help and encouragement. I love having this group here, so supportive.

  8. hangininthere

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    Hi All.

    I went ahead and tried the adrenal capsule to see how I did, since I'm sure I need it - one yesterday, and one today - and love it!

    It made me relaxed and not manic. The first dose yesterday felt like a nice tranquilizer - I couldn't have driven my van like that. I slept the same as usual - a few hours off and on all day, then awake all night as always. It didn't make me sleepless or hyped or wired. It didn't raise my blood pressure at all.

    I overdid a few days ago, because the DHEA has allowed me to force myself to get up and out more often - to do extra errands that came up for two months straight.

    The DHEA has allowed me to recover with three days of rest instead of a week. By recover, I mean I build up enough 'fumes' to push on again with all my might, for one day of brief grocery shopping or an errand I have to get up and shower and drive to do.

    Then back to bed wiped out for three days instead of a whole week. I'll continue to rest up more than the three days normally, but the past two months were unusually busy, and I was able to manage it with great effort. Because of the DHEA improvement.

    Yesterday was my first day of rest, and tried the adrenal, and wow what a difference. It made me feel bodily lighter and easier to walk to bathroom and back to bed, instead of trudging along feeling like lead. And cheered me up in mind too, and I rested much more comfortably.

    I started back on my DHEA too yesterday.

    Then today even the DHEA capsule I took didn't cheer me up as I rested, because the CFS post-extertional-malaise hit me full force on this second day of rest after over-exerting. I felt totally wretched in body and mind, that despairing feeling.

    Then an hour later I added the adrenal capsule and that totally did the trick. It relaxed me, strengthened me, and cheered me up in body and mind.

    Once again I was lighter on my feet to bathroom and back to bed. It cheered me up mentally too. And relieved the CFS all over flu-like pain inside and out from head to toe that comes with over-exertion - it put me back to my regular CFS inflammation pain that is always there that I'm used to and is tolerable. Plus not too tranquilized to drive if I had taken it on a good day.

    So far so good. I'm thrilled with this new improvement.

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    Hi Denise - yeah, you're right - it's so much easier to talk about what we should do than actually do it! Too bad words alone won't do it :)

    My adrenals are in pretty good shape right now. It was many years ago that they were so weak. I think they are an Achilles heel for me though - if I'm under severe stress by something I can't control (e.g., when I was flooded), I get weaker pretty quickly and have to go back on the glandulars but overall I think my adrenals are in good shape. I take pantothenic acid daily (500 mg.) plus brewer's yeast for B vitamins. and meditate daily and eat well (hardly any sugar or white flour, minimal caffeine and alcohol) and eliminate as much stress as possible. I learned about taking control of my life through Al-Anon, which I went to for 10 years awhile ago.

    I think real progress can be made with a few supplements, depending on what's going on. If the chief cause of your weakness is your adrenals, then I do believe an adrenal glandular can make a huge difference. It did for me.

    Right now my worst symptom is post-exertional malaise - crashing roughly 20 to 24 hours after overdoing it. It's different than weak adrenals. I'm trying a mercury detox for this. It's a bit complicated and I won't try to go into it here - I posted more info under the Detoxification section (under "Treatment and Therapy", and then "Supplements, Doctor Protocols, etc."

    This is a great board. I could not get on earlier today, and felt a little lost!

  10. mbofov

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    Patti - that's very interesting. Different reaction than I had but so good to hear it's positive for you! Keep us posted -

  11. Jacober

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    Keep us updated
  12. hangininthere

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    Hi all.

    Yes, give us an update when you can, dear Bretzie.

    My update is that my two months of extra activity has come to an end.

    Resting now big-time. Back to baths, and that only occasionally when I reach critical mass.

    Nothing is helping. Overdid big-time. Now paying for it.

    It was nice while it lasted.

    I only took the adrenal complex those two days. Then a week later took just once and it had no obvious effect, no nice tranquilizing and didn't take away the CFS pain this time either. Same with the DHEA - took one that same day and that's all since then.

    Most everything builds up in me and makes me feel kind of nauseated and sicky feeling all over, and I need to take a break from it, to let it clear my system. I'll keep sneaking it in a little at a time, when I'm not in a total crash.

    Even the hydrocortisone cream hasn't helped. It doesn't work to get me up and going when I'm in a crash. Just works when I've rested up enough but still can't move, such as my usual once a week activity.

    So I know my energy envelope is a few hours of shopping and running errands in wheelchair once a week. Plus the occasional doctor appointment for my diabetes refills.

    Sure have had to learn patience with this CFS. I'm an impatient impulsive person who wants to go when I wanna go, so it's very anxiety-inducing to be trapped in a body that just won't go. I've learned to remind myself that I'll live to move again another day, instead of nearly panicking on my rest days when I'd swear I'll never be able to move again.

    Patience, patience, patience. Blech.