Extreme weakness when tired

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    The dr says I have low blood pressure but my bloodwork came back fine. Would anyone have any clues as to what I can do or research? I tried having orange juice first thing before I get up to see if it is a blood sugar thing but it makes no difference.

    first thing in the morning or at night before bed, I am very weak and faint. I have trouble with stairs and will become weak and feel like if I do not sit down to let my heart stop beating so rapidly and catch my breath, I would probably pass out.
    I am fine the rest of the day for stairs. I do get dizzy upon standing though due to low blood pressure.
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    One of the first questions I have is what did your doctor tell you from the testing and physical workup that he/she did. My suggestion is that if your doctor told you nothing, to call and ask your doctor what his/her diagnosis/diagnoses is for the low blood pressure in the morning/at night that makes you very weak and faint.

    Below is the Mayo Clinic site on low blood pressure and if you read through the various pages, it explains what it is and what may cause it.


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    Low bp is usually thought of as preferable to high bp,
    but I know the feelings you describe, and it is no fun.

    I don't know what you should do, but just a thought, do you have any salt in your diet?

    Though we should all avoid the extreme amount of salt in some foods,
    some people need some salt, and it often raises bp.

    It also sounds like maybe it isn't simply low bp,
    but rather, perhaps you have trouble making the changes in bp that your body needs to do, when it is getting up or going upstairs, etc.
    It should be automatic that bp goes up when we are more active, when we stand up, walk, etc.,
    but for some of us, it isn't, and that is miserable.

    Another possibility....Have you had the thyroid panel of blood tests? Sometimes bp might be related to thyroid problems....

    I hope you will figure out something that helps you!