Extremely heavy legs and arms, so sore as if I ran miles. Plus neuropathy... Thoughts?

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    Hi friends,

    Man, everyone here is seriously so wonderful!

    I have a slightly new symptom, or at least a new angle on an old symptom. Wondering if there are any thoughts or words of relating to my situation..

    I am housebound, and have been for several years now, with ME/CFS/fibro. For the last few days, I have been so exhausted, and I have had really bad hip misalignment. I really could use a good chiropractor! But I just cannot go to one right now, I am too weak. But anyway, my legs felt tingly and hot, very heavy to lift. I stood as long as I could for walks to the bathroom and kitchen. But I went back to sit or lay down most of the day.

    Today, I woke up with the sensation of such soreness in my legs, as if I had run for miles. It was so odd. Still, very heavy, but now stiff and almost hard from muscle stiffness. My arms are so heavy now too, it feels like it is spreading on my body, and seriously starting to scare me. I have been have buuuuurning fire stabbing pain in my feet too. So painful!

    My hypoglycemia has been kicking in high gear too. Instantly, I will need to eat, or I get insanely weak, with pain all up and down my body. It's been really weird. ...And scary... Any thought, my friends?? I would appreciate any words on this one. Thank you everyone!
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    Thank you for the tips. Yes, I am already there with you for the most part. I eat almost 100% organic, and I do drink green juice almost daily now. I get it from Whole Foods and it consists of raw organic kale and spinach and a few other super ingredients. I eat very light meals and snacks too, I am extremely diligent with my diet and though it does help, I still have all these other symptoms. But I do definitely appreciate your input!!! A lot of people need to learn more about what goes into their bodies. It would help a lot of people. Everyone is different though, and we need to respect each person's process and path to health.

    Keep up the good work, and spreading the love.