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    This is a subject recently more than ever, a friend is dealing with macular dengeration (dry type) and another friend is battling glaucoma....neither one took the powerful antioxidants like I have for MANY years...they both take grapeseed ex NOW but just for last few years.

    I just did a search of: Eye Health and Resveratrol and found a lot of information regarding this powerful supp and eye health.

    In my 20+ yrs experience in the alternative healing world, it's been in this order: Pycnogenol, Grapeseed Extract, Resveratrol and the latest Astaxanthin (have not tried this one) and NOW a new one Xanthohumol (200x more powerful than Resveratrol).....

    For NOW, I'm liking the Muscadine Grapeseed.....from .....the Muscadine Grape is high in resveratrol content.

    I started on these powerful antioxidants in Sept 1995, remember it well....Pycnogenol for 1 full year, got rid of allergies/sinus issues...for one major thing.

    I have NOT been to an eye doc in the last 5+ yrs, my eyes are not changing.....so could be the resveratrol in the Muscadine grape seed.....

    But at any rate, work on SAVING your eyes, all these antioxidants are saving graces.....jam

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    to stop using Canola Oil...lots of info on the dangers of this oil and eye health especially, much more too...

    I've made a separate post on Canola Oil. Don't trust the food industry as far as I can throw them.