eye inflammation

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  1. Heyygirl

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    Has anyone delat with this? Ever since we put me on t3 only, my eyes have been giving me trouble, episcleritis for 5 weeks, then we upped the dose of t3 and now the redness is gone, but they are just sore and "dry" all the time. Any ideas??? Thanks SO much!

  2. June

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    I have FMS and have been having trouble with my eyes for the past few years. They are veeeeery dry and itch and hurt a lot. I have been to my opthomologist 4 times in the past 6 months. I am now using restasis and optive in mine and he finally put PLUGS into my dear ducts last month. I think I am beginning to see a little improvment.
    He blames it partly on FMS. The site below has some information about it.