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    I know its fairly common to get some eye issues with fibromyalgia. Acouple of years ago I began having pain in my eyes. Told my optometrist this he saw nothing wrong. Tell my rheumy, says its fibro. Then last summer I began to develop blurred vision and flashes of light, rheumy says its fibro. When I went to neuro two weeks ago they said they want me to go to opthalmologist for neurological eye exam because apparently I have developed a lazy left eye. I've looked up info on this but it all pertains to children, not a sudden onset with an adult. Its strange that its on my left side, because the worst of my numbness, tingling and so forth are to the left. I really didn't think to much about it until I looked in the mirror today looked up and saw my left eye drift off. I'm scheduled in with an opthalmologist for next week, but if anyone has dealt with this please chime in. however I did get enough info to know that a lazy eye can cause blurred vision, and I expect that's why I have a harder time reading now.

    God Bless
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    My troubled vision began in 2003. Bleedy eye whites then tosis of the eye. Not lazy eye, the lid drooped and was later surgically corrected. Since, I have had blurred vision and from time to time bloody eye whites. Thsi seems to happen during a flare up. While at the optromotist he said there was nothing to worry about, lol. Go figure.

    Hope that helped.

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    Just got back from the hosp .Eighteen mnths ago I had my eyes lasered for the starting of glaucoma ,two mnths. after this I was hardly able to see through my varifocals ,went to optician who dx'ed cateracts on both eyes .

    Feb.2nd this year had surgery on left eye for a new lens ,relapsed & was in bed for over a week ,weak as a kitten ,water gushing down my nose & a ulcerated mouth :( ,a week or so later ,after finally recovering my strength ,my eye was very , very painful ,so off to the hosp for checkup .They dx'ed Fluid at the back of the eye & told me I would need further treatment.

    Two weeks ago they injected steroids into the eye under aneasetic . Today both of my eyes are still very light sensitive .I go back in another six weeks when they will examine it again & then tell me if they will operate on the right eye .

    I know this was caused through working with TCE.& I go see the Neuro next month .
    You take care & look after yourself

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    T and Elaine for your replies, its not quite figured out yet. I go for a neurologic eye exam next week at the opthathalmologist. I'll leave things up to him, my reseasrch is causing me to be frustrated right now. Lazy eye is usually diagnosed in children and can be corrected most of the time, it seems as tis not that simple with adults. The left eye drifting off would account for the blurred vision, we'll see what the doc says, I can analyze this until the cows come home and work myself into a flare because of it! You know T I had a bloody spot in my left eye about a month ago and looked it up and it seemed harmless, it cleared up, I wonder if this is related? I think I will stop now, before I go crazy!

    God Bless
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    Hi. I have just registered in order to read about eye issues and fibro. I have had fibro/CFS for about 15 years and although I have had three separate diagnosis didn't get the first one til about eight years after the first symptoms.
    I had cataracts in both eyes and now have bionic eyes! Caused they said by fibro. I now have an ongoing problem with painful and sore eys which are usually bloodshot in the mornings. They weep too, which is a blocked tear duct and will be sorted shortly. However, I don't think the bloodshot eyes and soreness are to do with that. I take sertraline (Zoloft) and have a Cpap. I thought it was the escaping air from the machine that was producing the redness and soreness, but it happens when I don't use the machine!

    Any ideas?

    Sorry to hijack this thread Momo, but it seemed as if there were similar issues.

    Good luck with your diagnosis and treatment.

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    My eyes too are weepy that's a better term than I use I just say they are leaky! In the mornings they are really puffy and I tend to get these little growth things on the bottom and top lids. Had one on lower lid for about 2 months before it went away. I need to write all of these symptoms down so when I'm at the opthalmologist I want lose what I need to say. Its so hard to describe how they feel and I feel crazy when I try!

    Welcome to the board, this is a great place for info and support!

    God Bless
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    My eyes have been sensitive for years, its in the past couple they have gotten really bad, Optometrist brushed me off two years ago. Hope Opthalmologist has answers. What I find confuses me more, it also makes me a little mad if the chemicals I worked with did all of this. If I look back at my med history since working in the cleaners, its scary, because its telling me whatever going on with me is progressive, because things keep on popping up! I have to see an ENT next week also for ears, throat and mouth, so I'm really getting a good work up right now. My neurologist stressed me out when I went for the consultation wiht all he wants me to do, but no doctor has been this thorough to date. Still waiting for MRI appointment of brain and cervical spine.

    It sounds like you have had a hard road yourself especially with the eyes, hope your new Neuro can help you.

    God Bless
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    my eyes get so tired when trying to read the newspaper. Right now, I am squinting to see the screen. My eyes are so dry. My eye dr. said to use eye drops all day long - whenever needed. I had cataract surgery8 and he said he doubted that it would help my problem and he was right.

    i can not stand the sun - get my prescription sunglasses on but they are not enough. I hate florescent lights in grocery stores - they make me squint and I can't see with sunglasses on. Said I need to be a vampire and come out only at night lol.

    Yet at night when I am outside, I get a little unsteady. Can't win with this DD, ca n you?

    I have had eyes checked by specialist, at Mayo's --- same answer "I don't know". Don't you get tired of that answer???

    Hang in there, dear ones, and let us know when you solve anything.

    Gentle Hugs,
  9. Engel

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    Get to an optomitrist or opthamologist IMMEDIATELY.
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    That certainly got my attention! I'm going to look it up and see what I find. I do have an appointment for next Thursday morning with an opthalmologist.

    My kids are a little freaked out because I had to ask somebody if what I saw was right when I look up my left eye drifts to the left, freaked the kids out.

    I'm trying to remain calm now because I'd been told the eyes were fibro and obviously its something more. I'm a bit scared.

    God Bless
  11. poeticbobbi

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    I too have eye issues.I have floaters those spots that can be lines,dots , blotches and other shapes that dance around before your eyes.I experience dry eye and eye pain as well.At times my vision blurs or becomes briefly distorted.
    I went and got a full work up, eye wise and all is supposedly normal.No one ever blamed it on the FM although the do blame diabetes.Whatever it is it sucks!!
  12. 139864

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    Mom Please try to stay positive ...I believe our attitude to these ***** diseases Does make such a difference ....Three years ago when I found out about these solvents ,,T stopped all of my meds immediately ,all except the urseo for the liver .

    Then I went on a course to learn the computer & the more info I got the maddeer I got,It gave me a goalto workr
  13. momof471

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    I agree attitude is important. I'm just frustrated right now. I'm on the right course, I have all the doc's set up and I go back to Neuro at end of may, by that time, MRI's should be done and all Doc's and hopefully results in. I've printed out a ton of info on the chemical's and will take these to my Neuro. Its amazing what damage they can cause, central nervous system, connective tissue diseases and so forth. I'd love to live a 'normal' life without the problems and the doc's and be able to enjoy my family and life without these intrusions. I just want a rest I suppose. Well, can't do it right now so I'll pull myself up by my bootstraps and go on. Thank you for your inspiration!

    God Bless
  14. momof471

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    I'm sorry you have the vision issues also. The blurry vision is hard especially since I like to read and I can't do that as well now, I certainly could use that distraction. Hopefully he'll say its some freaky FM thing even with this eye doing crazy things.

    God Bless
  15. KimmiKat

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    that we have an opportunity to discuss these problems amongst ourselves. It may be fibro based or could be one of the many other problems that most of us seem to have. It's very confusing to start trying to pin point what causes what.
    But Momo, keep your chin up. I hope it goes well for you and that it is not serious or dangerous, and better still, that they know what it is and can cure it.

    Thanks for the welcome too
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    for the replies. I've given myself permission to forget about this until I see the doctor, I'm not going to be able to solve this one anyway, eye issues are rather complicated it seems. So according to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy I will focus my attention elsewhere and not use my analytical coping mechanism which is study the problem and fix it, because I can't fix this one.

    Doesn't that sound convincing? I hope Ican convince myself:)

    God Bless
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    Good luck Mom!

    I have Optic Neuritis in my right eye, and my eyes tend to split off to the outside, not noticably for anyone else, but enough to mess with my vision. My Optometrist has prescribed me glasses with a prism in them to pull them together, trouble is, due to the FM the strength needs to be changed entirely too often for my liking. Roughly every 6 months or so. :(
  18. momof471

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    I'll have to check that out, my left pulls visibly to the left when I look up and is causing endless amusement for my kids:) Hope it will be something fixable.

    God Bless
  19. skyeone

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    With any luck Mom, all you'll need is a pair of glasses, hope you don't need to change them every 6 months though, it can get quite expensive! :)