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    I just wanted to check in on this too while I was at it. Sometimes I'll just be doing something when all of a sudden jolt of this burning sensation in my eyes and it comes and goes quickly, though the pain still resides all the time. Its hard to tell exactly what this is, it feels like my eyes are just very dry and itchy, like my tear ducts don't even work, period. This might be one of those nice little package deals that come with CFIDS, I'd be willing to accept it. It would make since to act like you feel pain if you fill pain, maybe its a sort of depression since one would know that something is wrong with them but knowing that its hard to diagnose and that no one can do anything about it. Any ideas from anyone?


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    Hi Kurt, I have this kind of eye pain.I suffer from RA and FM .Sometimes the pain is a burning pain like eye strain or dry eyes at other times it's a sharp jolt in the eye as if some one stuck me in the eye with an ice pick. It will linger for awhile qnd then go away.I use refresh in my eyes from time to time and this seems to help. Good luck Hope you feel better. Danisue
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