Eye palsy anyone ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Princessraye, May 22, 2003.

  1. Princessraye

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    I don't know how, but I actually forgot about this for awhile.
    A couple summers ago I woke up and my eye muscles were very sore. Then next day I woke up and could not move my left eye. It was very scary.
    I went to a specialist. He was very concerned and felt I probably had a blood clot in my brain or a tumor. I had an MRI and they found nothing. (Thank God)
    I wore an eye patch and took anti inflamatories. With in a week or so it straightened out and I haven't had any more problems.
    The Dr. called it third nerve eye palsy. He said it may be related to the Fibro.
    I would be interested in hearing if any of you have experienced this.
  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    My right side (dominant) tends to be twitchy, the left is slow to respond to my brain.

    I had twitching around my right eye for years. Then a few brief patches like yours. Now it feels like its happening but is less obvious to others. Eye specialist said back of my right eye was jiggling all over the place.

    Had Field test done 16 years ago, ok. Having another in July but I think it's just something causing the nerve to fire the muscles. The pain feels like a muscle spasm.

    I posted a topic on this and got some useful info. Try searching for eye and sight problems, you might find an answer as to why this is happening.

    Cheers, Tansy
  3. Princessraye

    Princessraye New Member

    Betsy I really do not know. I guess like so many other things they are just guessing.

    Thanks Tansy, I will check out the info
  4. LadyMT

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    Vision problems were one of my first symptoms. I couldn't quite figure how to describe my problems. It was like my vision was blurry, but not really. I think this also was the reason I was dizzy. It drove me crazy to try and watch a basketball game. Finally the eye doc decided it was because I had problems with focusing. This would be due to the fibro affecting the eye muscles.

    Hope this helps.

  5. tansy

    tansy New Member

    to correct the muscle weakness and subsequent visual problems. She said that my condition meant it wouldn't heal properly and it would only make it worse. Seems she was right.

    She also felt, because of what she found, that the eye exercises normally given would make it worse too.

    But her explanations have meant I'm able to prevent aggravating the problem further, this should slow down future deterioration and it bothers me less now. As always it's a balance of use, rest, and adapting to the abnormalities.

    Things are already better than they were prior to seeing her.


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