Eye problems and Neurontin

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    Hi all,

    There have been several posts lately about eye problems. I was curious if anyone has seen a direct correlation of the use of Neurontin to eye problems? I know the literature suggests that it can, but I was curious as to the 'reality' of the problem.


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    Are you sure it was Neurontin? I researched this class of drugs pretty well before deciding to try Neurontin, and the one that caused the eye problems, according to what I've read, was Topamax, not Neurontin. In fact, Topamax can cause Glaucoma, and kidney stones. That was the only reason I asked for Neurontin. I would have preferred the Topamax since I need to lose weight, and it can cause a dramatic weight loss. I had to go off Neurontin due to other side-effects, but am not aware of any eye problems, and I read the whole section on it in the Physician's Desk Reference. Of course, there is always a possibility that Fibro Fog is making me forget what I read!
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    My eyes have not been the same since taking Neurontin. I took it in 1996/97 and in 2000/2001 when I had ruptured disks and back surgery. My neurosurgeon never went over ANY of the side effects of this drug with me. I learned about all of them from my pharmacist and my own research. I could not focus my eyes when on Neurontin. I would have periods of blurred vision and periods where it felt like I could not control the movement of my eyes. My vision got considerably worse when I was on it, and it stayed that way. I had many other side effects from that drug and I will never take it again.

    (By the way, the handout I was given when I initially filled the prescription listed eye problems as a possible side effect.)

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    for a month or so but my eye problems started before that. Actually they started when I started feeling like crap from this DD.