EYE PROBLEMS...doctors appt at 2.50 today....PLEASE READ

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by little, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. little

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    My left eye has been tearing up for about four or five months. When I was at the doctors in Dec. she said that it was probably eye strain. I'm new to the computer. now the stuff is a little sticky. Friday I couldn't find anything on it. I read different books. Also I couldn't use my reading glasses. My eyes were blurry or see the computer or use my driving glasses. Everything is blurry. There seems to be a thin film on my eyes. I've read that with FM your eyes tear up. But have haven't read anything about this stuff. Has anyone experienced this. TV is also blurry. Im sorry for the writing but it is had to see. Thanks for all replys. I hope that someone can help me before I go to the docs at 2.50pm.
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  2. AnnG

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    I cannot believe it! My left eye started going fuzzy 2 years ago. It is like I am wearing a dirty contact. I panicked (of course) and went through every possible reason I could think of, including brain tumor. What can I say, I have a very active imagination. Anyway, the eye doctors I saw were very kind but, had no answers for me. To them, all appeared normal.

    Some days are worse than others but it is always there. I hope you get an answer today but if not, know you are not alone. Keep me posted!

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    My eyes do the same thing. Some days it is really bad - looks like I'm crying. On other days I have no problems at all! My eyes only get sticky in the morning. I guess all of that stuff settles in the corners and starts to dry out. Saturday I felt a stabbing pain in my right eye - in the outside corner. I thought an eyelash or something had gotten in there. Looked, but could find nothing. It has been really sore since then and I've got a reddish spot on the skin right next to my eye. I guess it's from looking in there to try to find out what was going on! From what I've read here and in books and articles we are prone to eye problems. I guess it's just one more way that this DD gets us. Make sure you tell the doctor everything. You might want to jot it all down in case the "fibro fog" attacks you while you are seeing him! That has happened to me on more than one occasion!
    Good luck! Let us know what the doc says!
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    Thanks Ann and Katlover for replying. The Doctor thinks that it is eye strain and allergies. But she wants me to see an eye doctor just to make sure. She checked my eyes and said that the vision was off. She said that I might need new glasses. I have an appt. March 31. I think that I should stay off the computer until the doctor visit to give my eyes a rest. Thanks again. Gail
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    I had/have this problem also. My eyes would also feel like they had sand in them.

    To my surprise my eye doctor told me I had allergies (chronic - not seasonal). He prescribed Claritin for that and it works like a charm. Claritin is now an over the counter med, so no prescription is needed.

    Note: The Claritin-D in pill form gave me insomnia, so he switched me to the Claritin Red-Tabs and they really work for me! You only take one every 24 hours and it just melts on your tongue - tastes lemony...I take mine in the morning.

    P.S. Another good thing to do - also recommended by eye doc is to wash your eyes/around your eyes lightly with Johnson's No More Tears Baby Shampoo once or twice a day. This helps clean out that stickiness and matter, and it helps to prevent eye infections. Wash your hands first before doing this!

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    i also have this problem only mine are dry. I have completely lost vision in my left eye. Just had mri in december looking for MS. My doc was concerned because I have balance problems too--but everything clear. I have been to two opthamologists and there is nothing structurally wrong with my eye and nothing on mri-it just is.

    sorry no answers here, just wanted you to know you are not alone