Eye problems from the HLAB 27 Gene

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    Hi .

    There is a post asking about the eye problems and your symptoms.. there is a gene HLAB 27 which your Rheuy can order a special blood test for that is has these complaints.

    I have this gene and the following are things that can be associated with it.

    Iritis,Conjunctivitis.Arthritis,Colitis and dry eyes to name a few.. most Insurance Co don't want to pay for the test because its expensive.

    I have a family history of Glaucoma And Mac Deg.. I just had eye surgery a year ago for new drains to be put in my eyes because my pressure was 60.!!!!! normal is 15 and below.. I have had a few bouts of Iritis and its very painful

    I would suggest to any of you who are going through the dry,itchy,watery eyes etc to check this out.. you need to see a good Opthamologist if your test comes back positive.

    Sandy( in the desert )