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  1. RENA0808

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    I have severe dry eyes and have been to eye hospital twice in the past two years when I had really scary symptoms.
    Felt as though I had been shot in my eye once...the pain was scary.

    I feel as though I have an ulcer or something in my eye and it is ssoooo sore.The daylight is painful.Cant go outside because it is windy and hurts me.

    I had this a few years back in left eye and was given strong drops and it went away but as I only have good sight in my right eye so I am panicking!!

    I aslo have dry nose and mouth but docs just treat any symptoms with drops/nasal sprays etc.

    Anyone else have these problmes???


  2. pepper

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    Hi Rena,
    Have you been tested for Sjogrens disease? My sister has autoimmune problems and very dry eyes, mouth and nose. Her rheumatologist dx her with Sjogrens disease, another autoimmune disorder. As far as I know there is not much you can do about it except special eye drops and lozenges to keep your mouth moist. However, my sister hasn't followed up on this for years and there may be new treatments out there.

    Good luck with finding an answer and a solution!
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    My left eye is very dry and blurry. I've been told that it is very common as we age, especially as we go through menopause, and also if we spend a lot of time on the computer (of which I am guilty). My optometrist has me using eye drops four times a day, and taking 1,000 mg of fish oil three times per day (for a total of 3,000 mg). She also said to be sure that when I am on the computer that I blink often. Apparently when we are staring at the screen we tend not to blink as often as we normally would. The same goes for if you are watching a TV screen that is hung up on the wall and is too high. The centre of the screen should be level with your eyes.
  4. RENA0808

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    He said it is caused through my eyes being so dry and to ask my own GP for presription for eye drops I forget the name but my GP will know.
    Will try fish oils an blinking lol.

    The pain was awful and I can only see properly out on my right eye and that was the one!!So I was worried but hope it will get sorted.
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  5. TigerLilea

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    Just because you can't notice any difference in your eye sight doesn't mean that there isn't anything happening. My sight hasn't changed at all, however, I am in the beginning stages of Glaucoma. It is a silent disease that doesn't show any signs until it is too late. When it is caught early there is a lot than can be done for it. And just for the record, there are not any supplements that will help it, including grape seed, lutein, or bilberry.
  6. Beadlady

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    I put a wet warm wash cloth over my eyes several times a day for a couple of minutes, also drink lots of water and I try to stay away from caffiene as I find that is very drying.

    I can't take fish oil caps but I do take a MegaReds Krill Oil, Vit E & 10,000 units of Vit D3 soft gels every day. I also use Systane Balance eye drops several times a day.

    When driving or riding in the car I always wear my sunglasses--I have the kind that cover the side part of my head. These kind help to block the air from car windows.

  7. MicheleK

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    It would be highly advisable for you to go see a Rheumatologist and have a full autoimmune panel done.

    It does indeed sound like Sjogren's but only a qualified doctor can diagnose you.

    I absolutely would not just listen to the doctor you have seen for your eyes. Please do go and get the testing done for Sjogren's and other autoimmune diseases.

    An autoimmune disease left untreated can cause all kinds of havoc in your body. You really don't want things escalating unchecked. Perhaps when it happened before it was the first warning sign.

    You'll never know unless you get tested.

    Wishing you all the best!
  8. RENA0909

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    I have thought for a long time that I might have sjogrens but the docs here in UK and not that up to date with that or fibro etc!

    I look my symptoms up online (which docs always tell you NOT to do) and anything that I think will help me I try!

    I dont think we will ever find an absolute cure for all that we go through and so we just have to live with what we have and find the best solutions that we can.

    The docs do NOT have Fibro etc so how can they EVER tell us how we feel or what to take to help us??I think all they can do is go along with the guidelines for these illnesses.

    When I had an op 16 years ago I was in bed mostly for 2 years!
    Docs here in UK had no idea what I had so they did not know what to do.Still dont !!!lol
    So thanks for replies everyone....I will take on board and try what you have all mentioned.

  9. ILoveGreen

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    Have you tried asking your Opthalmologist about lacrimal plugs to block your tear ducts? They really helped me. With a Dx of Sjogren's, the plugs are covered by insurance (even Medicare!)

    Also, there are so many eye lubricants on the market...also eye lube gels for severe dry eyes and night-time use. I use them whenever my eyes start to feel a little "sticky" or the least bit dry to prevent corneal abrasions which (for me) lead to infection and the pain you are describing...photosensitivity, stabbing sensation, etc.

    As for glaucoma, THC is known to be effective in keeping it at bay. It is available in Rx pill form (synthetic?) and has been for decades, long before the legalization of medicinal marijuana. It has kept my friend's glaucoma from getting any worse and enabled him to continue teaching, coaching, and to finish his M.S. while working over-time.

    Doesn't a nuisance problem like this make you really appreciate having good vision? I hope this helps you.
  10. RENA0909

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    Thanks for info...I have never heard of lactimil plugs.
    I do think I need night time gel though so will ring docs to get a prescription.
    I only have ONE good eye thats why I was worried....the sight in that is not great either!

    I also have constant blocked nose and dry mouth so will try and get that sorted AGAIN.

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    Thanks for your information..