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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wendi_b, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. wendi_b

    wendi_b New Member

    I am currently suffering from eye twitches that last for hours, even days. Has anyone else had this experience? It's driving me nuts!
  2. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I have had that and the DR told me it was "Dystonia"
    They can give you Botox injections but it returns in a matter of months. (They are very expensive)They told me to take Klonopin and that would help but you have to stay on it or it comes back.
    I have found a way to get rid of mine without meds. My muscles are very tense,which is what was causing the twitching. My right side of my face pulled up and shut my eye. It started as an eye twitch and got worse. When I feel it coming on ,I just shut my eyes and start relaxing my body from my feet upwards.I just relax and go completely limp. As soon as I relax,it stops within minutes.
    There is so many side effects of the meds. and the Botox caused my right eye to droop.
    Hugs Shirley
  3. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I just tuff it out :-(
  4. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, wendi.

    Try supplementing with magnesium, about 300-400 mg per day, if you aren't already doing it. Do you also have irregularities in your heartbeat? How about mitral valve prolapse (a click or murmur can be heard by the doctor with this). How about migraines? Those can all be caused by low magnesium.

  5. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    As a matter of fact, I've had some twitches today all afternoon, during a meeting. I end up putting a finger on the twitches to calm them.

    Sometimes I have twitches in my muscles at different points as well. Wierd.

    I've had labs done and all my electrolytes and other components balance out so no dificiencies; not sure what causes them, and I forget to mention them to the doctor.
  6. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Hello there,
    I had an eye twitch once for weeks and it just about drove me crazy. Then I researched the web and read that a warm compress would help. I tried this and could not believe it. It went away immediatly!

    So try this and I hope it will help!!
  7. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    Mine too!!! Just this last week driving me crazy!
  8. romalaw

    romalaw Member

    Have twitched in several parts of my body, including my eye. 800 mg of magnesium and a very small dose of klonopin seem to keep them in control.