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  1. lynn3811

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    Hi everyone,
    I went to my Rheumy on Thursday. This young intern handled me, (Thank G**D not her boss for most of it) Anyway, she asked me if my eye lids were always this color. I was so dumb-found by her question, I said, "Well, I can't see them". How do i know what color they are? Is there a particular color that they should be? Is it bad to have a certain color to them? Totally at a loss what she is talking about. Any one know the reason for this?

  2. charlenef

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    if they were looking inside your eye lids it could be anemia they were looking for they are suppost to be pink to red mine are skin color with a little red. ive been anemic as long as i remember
  3. lovecarebear

    lovecarebear New Member

    I have a brother that is a diabete. His eyelids change colors when he became diabete. They got alot darker. It lookes like he has eye liner on and macaria on. SO IT MIGHT BE SOMETHING LIKE THAT. GOOD LOOK ON FINDING OUT. FROM LOVECAREBEAR
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