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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrsfie, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. mrsfie

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    I just returned from my eye exam (I'm 55). The dr. increased my reading rx but my distance was still 20/30 and recommended against bifocals. I told him my eyes blurred out a lot some evenings and he said it was my FM causing difficulty focusing. This is the first I've heard of the link of FM and effects to the eye. Anyone else heard this?

  2. KayL

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    I believe it. I'm 47 and I've been wearing bifocals for 6 years, and my eyes just keep getting worse. There are days where I can see with my contacts or glasses, and days where I can't focus at all.

  3. rabbitstoo

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    I hadn't heard this until just recently and found it in an article about the various symptoms of FM. I was surprised but it does make sense because with all the muscle problems of FM, and the eye uses muscles to focus, it seems like it would be connected somehow. I was trying to do needlework and some days I had a horrible time with the blurry vision and trying to focus on the close work even with my bifocals on. Those were the days when my FM was usually at its worst also. I have worn bifocals for several years but need to get my eyes checked and glasses changed again soon. I think the vision thing has been discussed on this board before and you can find the posts by doing a search here. That's about all I know about it but hope this little bit helps.

  4. kar1953

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    My doc (who also has FMS) has written several books about FMS. In the edition I have he states that "eye muscles can get painful or go into spasms with FMS, so we have difficulty moving our eyes, focusing, reading & tracking. Eye muscle spasms combined with dry eyes can cause eye pain & headaches. Many patients have to change their glasses prescriptions frequently because of FMS related vision fluctuations. FMS does not cause retinal detachments or glaucoma".

    So yes, FMS gets the eyes too. I often find I have problems (sometimes) doing needlework. So I just wait till later or another day.

    Good health to you.......Kathi
  5. mrsfie

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    Kathi, are you allowed to name the title of the books your dr. wrote here on the board???

    I'm pleased to be getting quite a few answers from all of you.

    I've sewn since I was 13 and usually evening is the time I get to my sewing room so this is frustrating. I especially have a problem sewing on dark fabrics. Sharon
  6. LadyMT

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    I noticed that eye problems were one of my first symptoms that started in January. I had laser surgery about 3 years ago so this really bothered me. I know have to wear glasses because I can't focus well. My doc said I need to wear glasses rather than contacts because he thought it might help it get better. I am glad to see someone else has the problem. (Well, not glad about it, but you know.) So, just know you aren't alone. :)
  7. Shirl

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    Hi Sharon, glad to have you join us. Yes, I do have the eye problems, but only need reading glasses.

    Mine have not been too bad lately, but I do get that blurry thing sometimes. Also the itching and dryness in the morning.

    Yes, you can post your doctors book title and his name, but NO URL's (web addresses).

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  8. Kiva28

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    Thank goodness! I'm sorry for your eye troubles, but very glad to know that it's not my imagination! I have started wearing glasses now because over the past two weeks, my vision has become terrible. Headaches, etc. I've had a neuro exam, so I'm ok that way (relatively speaking...lol). Thanks for your post!!!!!

  9. jka

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    i know when i'm hurting more then normal and if i'm tired,my vision is worse.my eyes get worse every year. when i was 43 i had to go to tri-focals.i don't know for sure if it's the fibro-but i would sure bet it is!

    kathy c
  10. pspatnode

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    I have had the same problem with my eyes. The last time I went to have my eyes checked my doctor told me it was from the fibro. I know how annoying it can be!!
  11. Cycie

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    Yes I too have a lot of trouble with my eyes, have worn glasses for years, had bi-focals now wear multi-ficols and the last visit recently to eye specialist she tells me I have to have them upgraded and I have cataracts as well, but will try the new glasses first to try and fix the problem. I too have the itchy, burning and generally soggy or gluggy problem as well, very frustrating hey.
    I say to my friend, at least it is an interesting illness, every week we have something new to look forward to...if we don't laugh.... we will cry, yeh!!!! LOL
    Take care all and I am glad I found ya all.
    Health and Happiness. Cycie
  12. lynnkat

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    Hi Sharon
    I had an eye exam a couple of months ago and during the exam I asked if fibro could affect my vision. I told the doc that some days I had trouble with my eyes blurring. This wise doc informed me that fibro was a joint disease and since there are no joints in the eyes that fibro couldn't affect my eyesight. SIGH I was too tired to inform her about fibro at the time but whenever I have to go back I am taking her a printout about this nasty disease. I wonder when all the medical professions will get on the same page when it comes to fibromyalgia??

    Take care and keep laughing cause laughter is good lubricant for the soul. lynnkat
  13. lorgirls

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    I have trouble with my eyes also. I dont wear glasses,seems when I go for exam my eyes are ok. My eye muscles spasm alot. Mostly tword the end of the day, I was told it was the fibro,,,,,,Lori
  14. kar1953

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    Sorry it's been awhile since I checked back on your post. The name of the book is "Inside Fibromyalgia" written by Mark J. Pellegrino, MD. This is his newest book. He's written two others which I haven't read. If I'm not mistaken, this one is available through Amazon.(Hope it's ok to say that). The book is very informative & touches on many, many facets of fms & how to deal with each. Hope this helps you.

    Take care......Kathi
  15. Mikie

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    Our eyes are the camera lenses, but vision happens in the brain. Our illnesses are neurologically based and when we are very tired, the brain has a very difficult time making vision "happen" just as it does trying to make memory "happen."

    I wear a monovision reading contact in my dominant eye. The brain decides which eye it will accept information from. When I had to start writing with my left hand after surgery on my right, the monovision no longer worked because by switching to my nondominant hand, I was basically rewiring my brain. I had to wear my glasses until I got back to writing with my right hand. It took a while for it to start working.

    BTW, Sharon, you can get progressive lenses in your glasses which will allow you to focus at any distance. They cost more but are the best. If all you get are reading glasses, using the computer is hell.

    Love, Mikie
  16. 2girls

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    I was recently quite surprised when my optometrist said my eye sight had actually improved since the last visit. I still have the exaggerated nystagmus going on (involuntary rapid movement of the eyeball).

  17. stillfighting

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    Hi Sharon,

    I've had problems with my eyes since I was diagnosed with ambliopia (sp?)in 5th grade. This is also known as lazy eye, and I bet it was the first symptom of fibro.

    My eye doctor says that fibro can cause lots of vision fluctuations. Also, if you read the fine print on some of the meds we take (like flexeril), they can cause blurred vision.

    Progressive lenses (for reading and computer work) have been really helpful--you can just pick and choose the focal point. If your eye doctor refuses to be helpful, look for someone who will!

  18. achy

    achy New Member

    How many of you have had your eyes go blurry while driving!!
    Mine get so bad I can barely see the road...I keep blinking until it clears.
    I have pretty much given up on reading bcause i can't stay on the same line or it goes fuzzy. I too have done needlepoint since I was a child. Between the blurred vision and the awful hand pain I've given that up too.

    Worst part is the docs that don't believe in fibro so they want you to wear reading glasses. I spent $$$$ on glasses, went to anohter doc who said my eyes were fine...reading glasses to not correct blurred vision or dry eyes!!

    I give...uncle

  19. clueless

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    I also have problems with my eye sight.I love to crochet and when I was working there never seemed to be time for it. I said when I retired I was going to really get back into it again.Well, it worked for a while and then my eyes would blur over until I could`nt see. My eye exams don`t show much change, it is just the tiredness and blurrng. I also love to read and that is also curtailed. I guess I had thought in the back of my mind that it was probably fibro, after all everything that is painful+ affects your life adversely in any way is FIBRO. Sick + tired of being sick + tired pretty much covers it I guess. If you enjoy something you can figure on losing it it seems. Must admit it is good to know for sure what is wrong.
  20. mrsfie

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    for the name of the book. I've been "keeping my eyes on" the board to see if it was posted. Good to hear more responses as well as good suggestions. I mentioned this to my therapist today. (I started with symptoms thought to be MS at 25. After my second child the symptoms came back so went through all the tests again with no positive results. Depression overtook me--I wonder why?--so I've been on anti-depressants since my mid 30's). Went through all the tests again about 4 years ago and finally diagnosed as fibro. Anyway, my therapist is going to try cutting back my amitryptaline from 50 mg at bed to 40 mg. She says since I've recently lost 20 lbs and am older (55), the dosage COULD be giving me the blurriness even though I've used the med for years. We shall see. Curious if the fibro caused the depression or the depression was a result of misdiagnosis. Probably never know.