Eyes feel squeezed??

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Renae610, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Renae610

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    At times my daughter with Lymes & coinfections tells me that her eyes feel squeezed.
    I know Lymes affects the eyes. What does this "squeezing" mean? Is this a bad sign or a sign we are killing them off?
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    If she's under treatment, I'd assume it could be a herx reaction, but of course you should always touch base with her LLMD; plus he may know a LL-opthamologist too. It's always best to be sure it's not a side-effect or something else happening.

    Weird things can happen with the eyes. While my son never reported that, he did have a lot of floaters - at times he wouldn't drive because of them. Also he said light often looked 'different' somehow.

    Let us know what you find out. Take care!

    all the best,

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  3. Renae610

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    My daughter went to a LL-O. and she only gave her some eye exercises to try -- if that doesn't help, she will need prism in the glasses. She prescribed special colored lenses for the extreme light sensitivity. She wants to see her again soon, so we will have to bring up this question about the squeezing-feeling. Yes, she has had floaters too.

    We haven't been working with the LLMD since the diagnosis over a year ago. Several reasons for that:
    (1) the LLMD's protocal was not tolerated-- my daughter is far too sensitive. The LLMD realized a "cautious approach" would be necessary. So we've been doing the NutraMedix- Cowden herbal protocal and that has led to her being able to take some additional supplements.
    (2) My daughter believes strongly in going the natural route, so won't hear of taking antibiotics, and especially because her gut function is so poor and afraid antibiotics will make it worse. She believes that Chronic Lyme may build up a resistance on antibiotics and harder to kill with other treatments and more chance of relapse rather than cure. She hears that Grapefruit Seed Extract kills the cyst form so hoping this will work.
    (3) insurance doesn't fully cover and we can no longer afford to pay remaining balances plus pay for the products she can tolerate.
    (4) my daughter had trouble riding that far to the LLMD's clinic. She got very sick.

    Thanks, Victoria!
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