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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wildwoodlane, Jan 31, 2006.

  1. wildwoodlane

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    Does anyone have this? Last night after being asleep about an hour, I woke up and there were blinking lights in my left eye, sort of around the edges. I know this can be a sign of detached retina and I believe people with migraines have these, too. Thankfully, the lights "went off" after a while but it worries me. I have also been having major sinus problems. Could this be associated? I am looking for some reassurance, and no, I did not call my doctor or opthamologist today but will if it continues. Just wondering if this is another one of those neat fibro "surprises."

    Thanks for any input.

  2. sjogrens

    sjogrens New Member

    Hi in the past several months I have noticed the same thing. I have also noticed big black dots not a lot but one or two. They are big like dime size. They come and go. This has happened in the last two weeks. I think I will make an apointment soon. It's weird I thought something fell into my hand the other day and it was just the black dot that moved with my eye and then vanished. The bright flashes happen all the time.
  3. chickadee

    chickadee New Member

    I think you can probably put this in the catagory of "those weird symptoms" and attribute it to fibromyalgia.

    I have this off and on. Right now it's on again. I've had eye exams, cataract surgery (both eyes) and my vision is good so I just try to ignore it and live with it.

    If I were you, I would have my eye doctor check it out just to be sure - then deal with it as best you can. It never hurts to verify that it is not serious.

  4. wildwoodlane

    wildwoodlane Member

    It helps to know someone else has these crazy symptoms, too. I have been under quite a lot of stress lately, so that might enter into it -- you think? My vision is O.K., at least as good as it can be until my eye is ready for cataract surgery (and it was the other eye that had the flashes!)

    Looking forward to hearing from anyone else with this problem.

  5. lease79

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    Another one here. If I close my eyes of a night & move them from side to side I see flashes of light.
    I have also had waves of colour in front of my vision of a night time like someone else mentioned ;)
  6. wildwoodlane

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    Maybe the colored lights are a result of your meditation. Seems as though I have read about this. I meditate, too, but I have not experienced this -- but it brings about a wonderful calm feeling if I can stick with it. Sure does help on those sleepless nights!

    Thanks for the bump.

  7. debfee11

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    I have flashes quite often . I also notice it when I fall asleep like a quick doze. I can't help but wonder if it is because our sleep is not very deep so our brain somthings are making flashes. Sorry if I'm writing a bit kooky but I've had it today. Can't think anymore. Bye Debness XXX
  8. karatelady52

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    I've been reading about these on Lymenet.org. Here are some of the questions and answers:

    I have been seeing flashing lights. When I try to determine which eye it is in, I see it in both, but also see it when my eyes are closed which leads me to think it isnt in my eyes at all. Does anyone know what this is? It can be quite distracting, especially since I already have a problem with one eye

    You should probably see a good Lyme Opthomologist and/or Lyme sympathetic Neurologist if you have one in your area. My daughter had this happen and whether it was connected to the Lyme/Bartonella or the Mold/Staph we are not sure, but she did also experience seizures. Are you on any meds for Lyme-probably a good idea???
    does your daughter not see the flashing lights anymore?

    I see flashes of light too, and with my eyes closed. I have a hard time describing them. I don't see them as often as I used too, but they are tiny and blue for the most part.

    What do yours look like?

    The flashing lights were one of the most annoying and disturbing symptoms...mine were often white but sometimes blue. You are right, it is quite difficult to describe especially when trying to explain it to a skeptical doctor. The good news is that as I have improved, they have all but disappeared.

    I saw an opthamologist and several neurologists but never received what seemed like an adequate explanation. I was tentatively diagnosed with optic neuritis but I'm not sure if that is an adequate explanation. Over time, I've come to associate these flashing lights with neurotoxins so I have focused some of my effort on taking in various forms of fiber and taking antioxidants to help the eyes.

    Do either of you also see the flashes of light in the dark?

    Have you had other visual problems such as blurry vision or "snowy" vision? Or scotomas (blurry splotches in your vision)?

    Does your vision ever seem to flicker sort of like an old movie?

    There are a few other weird visual symptoms that I had but I'll bet you're tired of questons.

    "Flashing lights are caused by the gel pulling away from the retina. Retinal tears can occur and as a result a retinal detachment can occur. The flashes and floaters are troublesome but are good warning signs that a full eye exam is necessary to rule out damage to the retina."

    Thank you, I think a full eye exam would be good to have. I have pain in the areas behind my eyes too but I think it is due to the sinus/head pressure.

    My vision is occasionally jumpy. I'll be looking at something and suddendly my whole field of vision will jerk to the side. (Hope that made sense)

    I see flashes of light in the dark too. That is interesting that you associate it w/ toxins. I have blurry vision which is also associate w/ the neurotoxins.
    We can also absorb toxins directly through the eye/retina from what I understand.

    hmmm, I hope my retina isn't torn. I just saw another flash a few secs. ago.

    What kind of fiber and antioxidants for the eyes did you take if you don't mind me asking?

    Recently, there was a great article in the Lymelight newsletter about opthamalogic disorders associated with Lyme.
    Shelley, I've taken several different fiber products but the ones that seemed to help the most were those with soluble fiber in addition to insoluble fiber. Soluble fibers are things like psyllium, prune powder, pectin etc. An example of insoluble fiber is wheat bran.

    I usually try to avoid posting names of products lest anyone think I'm advertising for someone or something (I'm not) but here goes. I like a product called Ultimate Fiber (don't remember manuf.) and another called Perfect Seed by Garden of Life. There's also a product called Cholesfiber which contains grapefruit pectin and soy protein but some people have trouble digesting soy.

    There are several anti-oxidants that are good for the health of your eyes including lutein, the various carotenes, etc. I try to eat as many different veggies (and blueberries) as I can but I also take an antioxidant product which is targeted at eye health. There are lots of these combinatoin anti-oxidant products on the market. I usually find a good one on sale at Vitamin Shoppe. Bilberry (European blueberry) extract is supposedly terrific, too.

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