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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nerdieduckie, Nov 25, 2006.

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    I've noticed a new problem today.

    Christmas tree lights.

    I cannot look at them, I can't focus and I feel funny when I'm looking at them. If there is not another light on in the room with them I go nuts. Is this part of fm/cfs' brain being in a constant seizure state? If that's the case though, then how come I can play video games?

    Any advice would be grand, I really don't know what's going on here and I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem.

  2. type of lights?

    There is no end, I believe, to *what* can affect *what* in us. Then add, possible side effects from meds.....and no one but GOD him/herself(whatever your belief) could decipher any of this puzzle.

    Eye problems, are something I do seem to have, just whenever they feel like popping up. One thing that *stays* with me, is shirts with fine, horizontal lines....I get extremely dizzy, nauseated, can't focus, want to fall or barf, if there's a shirt with fine stripes on it, in a rack.

    My poor mom found this out, accidently, and felt baffled, and upset, because, we were just shoppin around in the Goodwill one day, before an appt, back when I could get out, sometimes...and she liked a 'pretty' shirt, held it up, and said "do you like this, Laura? This is pretty", I got so dizzy, and ??? discombobulated? LOL disoriented, and eyes--sooo dizzy..I had to quickly jerk away, and explain best I could, how that shirt just made me feel.

    She has fibro, but, that doesn't do it to her, I think *some* meds, in my past, have certainly intensified eye problems (I've been diagnosed with a few types--all have NOTHING to do with EYE HEALTH, so, neurological.)

    But, mom has her own things, and as years go on (she's had fibro for nearly 20 yrs..me, possibly about 10-11, CFS & 'probably early MS' (I disagree, with MS, btw) since early early teens.... But, mom's fibromyalgia, though severe back problems, plagued her the most early on (narrowing in the end of spinal canal--constant pinched nerve...) as she goes on, she gets a bit more sensative to things, in flares...

    I thank god, mom seems* to be doing better, since moving back to town (was 18 miles away, and had only cows/crops on 3 sides of her, and- a cemetary next to the highway on the other, to look at year round. All day while stepdad worked!) She isn't taking LONGGGG naps, that worry my sister & I terribly, anymore...she does go to bed early, and still naps, but it's back to her shorter, before i fix supper type naps, not...nearly all day, until my stepdad was coming home..

    I know you're young, and in Indiana too, like me. I'm 28, turn 29 in January...

    All I can say, is....I wasn't in the living room much last year, to even see our lights, though hubby wanted me to be proud of his hard, dedicated, holiday spirited work (tears,) I didn't notice too badly, them bothering me...though, even as a 'healthy' teen...(haha!) SOMEtimes, when friends & I would drive around to look at lights, the varied ones, like blinking, chasing, etc types, and different colors, multi-strands, would give me "halo's" around them, or double vision, etc.. (Like, one, 2, strands of solid, plain gold ones, --connected to large multi-colored ones, connected to flashing, chasing solid or multi-colored ones......whew! Who's brain *could* process that!?

    But, I do miss just saying "Ohh, they're so beautiful" ...instead of, "oh, my head hurts, (or eyes-eyeball headaches, jumpy eyes, double vision, halos...blah) ......why CAN'T we sick people, just get a 'free pass' if ONLY for CHRISTMAS holiday, (celebrate it or not) to just get that childlike, warmth, safe feeling, and "let's sleep under the tree tonight!" type of health, & happiness.

    I know that I missed my first Thanksgiving at my moms this year, ever in my life- I even went my first 2 yrs of illness, throwing up, in the downstairs bathroom & all! Not this year, can barely get out of bed, for a cpl hrs. and most days, cant. (BUMMED!)

    Then, day after thxgiving, my baby Puggy, my life, Abby, 6yrs old, had 3 major seizures, and had to be rushed to the animal hospital, at 3pm, & then at 9pm again, for valium 'enemas', in between her first dose of phenolbarbitol. Scary, sad, heartbreaking stuff. So helpless feeling. *sigh*

    It's now been almost 25hrs since her last seizure, thank god.. I didn't sleep much last night, afraid too. Poor baby was so wound after seizures & meds (instead of the expected "exhaustion-" NOT MY PUG! LOL) she ran face first into the fence out back, when we took her to potty. Poor baby! We finally just said "if she goes in the house, oh well, we'll clean it up, better than watching her repeatedly run face first into the fence!"

    Anyways, I'm sorry. I ramble all the time now, in posts, guess it's cause I'm nearly MUTE now, in life...and alone a lot. Hubby's off playing cards/games with his family...the man needs it, working 70-72hrs, being my "nurse" full time, doggy havin' seizures...but, I sure feel like a loser, missing ALL of life sometimes. But, I'm here to guard my puggy, against any epileptic episodes...I'll tell myself. :)

    I don't know if the vision thing is part of the 'constant seizure' state, or not....It would make some sense, but, then, I, like you, have played video games with hubby, things flash on the internet....etc...

    I haven't been able to tolerate stronger than a 40 watt light bulb, for years, which only feels even MORE isolating...hubby LOVES light, & sunlight, as anyone SHOULD, but, I have the blinds in both bedrooms shut..and can't sit in the living room, or kitchen, due to open blinds..I KNOW I need the Vit D stimulation, but, I just get horrible headaches/eyeaches, and very very tired..

    Just know you're not alone...and, I can say, only about this one drug--for ME, Zanaflex, increased my eye problems, a ton---but, it was also summertime, (heat problems, massively, here) but, Zanaflex DID do something, because I also fell a lot, long before falling had become common, for me...

    You could check all your meds, all the side effects, But, in the end, it's very likely, it's brain overload (sensory) causing it. Meds, mostly just increase it, if responsible, but, definitely CAN CAUSE eye probs too, as with any other organ.

    Tofranil(Imipramine)- when I was a teen, I was put on this for about 3 months--until I was just constantly sooo comatosed, I slept constantly, through school, after, all the time--drs SAID it would NOT effect my vision-my mother had just finished nursing school, and knew, to ask, I had terrible vision already....well..sure enough, it DID make my vision worse...prescription change.

    I've had corrective surgeries to help my vision now, a cpl yrs ago.

    OMG! MY PUG just had another seizure! I have to go, & give her her phenolbarbitol pill, with hubby, thank god he was on his way home, and a diazepam (valium) enema, stopped the seizure within 20 seconds or so.

    GOD THIS IS AWFUL TO WATCH! *tears* pls pray for my pug, she's my life!

    I will be looking, or have hubby look for any updates on ya, with the vision thing, so sorry!

    Laura--heartbroken doggy lover. My only kids are my 2 doggies.
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    nerdieduckie New Member

    First off, I must say you and your dear pug are in my prayers. That must be awful to have to experience. I know when my dear Moosie throws up I just feel awful, even though I know it's nothing bad.

    The lights were constant when I noticed them bothering me, but when I went out to help the family decorate, they were flickering and I felt like they were just draining me! I can't seem to see the ornaments in the tree either, so I can't tell where to put things. o_O . I have bad vision, a lazy eye that's 20/off the chart and my good eye is like 20/70, but I've never noticed anything funky like this. I just went to the eye doctor recently, so I don't think my eyes themselves are the problem.

    I know the feeling about the horizontal lines. Especially if they're black and white fine lines. ewwww. I wasn't on lyrica last Christmas, but I wasn't that bad last year either. My fibro's intensified greatly since then...and I am having a really bad brain day today! Talk about major backspace usage...but anyway. I want to be able to enjoy Christmas...I love going out and looking at lights, I love decorating the tree, it's my favorite holiday. I don't want to have to miss out on anything...but I guess holidays are no different from regular days in that aspect, huh?

    Well thank you for your contribution, Laura. Maybe it's an Indiana thing :p At least I know now that I'm not crazy...well..I may still be but this helps. ^_^

    I really hope for the best for your family and your Abby. They aren't pets they're blood relatives in a different body shape...well they should be anyway. I heart my Moose. He acts a lot like me, so maybe we really are related >_> <_<

    Anyhoo, hugs for you all,
  4. Thank you for your thoughts & prayers for Abby..Hubby's home now, from his parents, and, it's been over 2hrs since her seizure...she's just calmed down/stopped sniffing us, & needing to be right by us, in the past few minutes, and tried to rest on hubbys lap for a while. The seizures are horrifying & heartbreaking-talk about feeling helpless, all we're told to do is "not hold her (like a baby) during them, as she can swallow her tongue, just set her on the floor, keep her on a side," and basically, be there for her. Making sure she doesn't hit anything while seizing. Lord this is hard. And, to think, I was already* going to ask for something for nerves/anxiety at my next appt this week------

    For now, they're just counting on the phenolbarbitol working, once it's in her system----I may die from anxiety/broken heart before then! I had to keep turning her back on a side, or try her belly, during the seizure, as it was contorting her little spine so bad, she ended up on her back, in a C shape. *tears* I rolled her over...and then...the awful part (II) trying to get that 'syringe' (no needle, of course!) up her widdle--bum, to get the diazepam in as quick as possible...not easy while her muscles are tightening, & she's flopping around so terribly...but, thank goodness, I was able, nearly a minute, maybe , into it, and like I said, it stopped about 20-30 seconds after that..

    About the eye thing, if it doesn't get better, surely even though* it's not the worst symptom in the world...you can consider (I never have, seen a cpl eye docs, but..) see a *NEURO-OPTHAMOLOGIST* if it persists, worsens, or just drives you batty...they can check for, and see things moreso than an eye doctor, different things, too. check diff areas of the eye...It's usually just our whacked out brains, though, or meds, or both.

    I'm glad my eyes haven't been toooo awful here lately---I THINK* a med (happened plenty before, though, too) may be causing me to 'see things move' slightly, normally out of the corner, bottom, top of my eye-not things I'm directly looking at...that's a fun one..

    BUT--about 2 summers ago--I could look at a THICK tree, and it looked like it was extremely rapidly shaking side to side. Insane. Trees, trellis's, etc...shaking like a paint mixer. OY! One neurosurgeon lumped it into a definite MS sign, but....I know better, meds can do it, fibro might(?),,etc..but, because it got WORSE in the summer/heat, he said it was part* of nystagmus, & Uthoff's phemonon (basically, that is what they call it when MS symptoms are worsened by heat/sun) like muscle weakness, cognitive stuff, vision probs, etc.. Mine usually are worsened by heat and or sun. Direct sun can turn my muscles (even in a cool car) near mush.

    Anyways, it does stink, about the lights, and I wish I had a solution, just know that, 1.) we're both nuts, but, 2.) we at least share in the same hallucinations/intolerences, ;-)

    I know what ya mean about the critters barfin' too...unpleasant, and ya feel bad for em. Both our doggies are notorious for doing that as well. I'd give anything if it were JUST that, now, with abby. But, she's like our "sick" child, and Katie, our beagle/daschund mix, 5yrs old, is our "healthy" child, hardly ever at the vet. Just vaccines, and her spay surgery..

    Abbers has been there for skin probs (will NOT let anyone clean her 'nose wrinkle' pugs are very proud of their faces & standoff-ish, she gets more ear probs (mites), had knee surgery for luxating patella, has had hip displasia, etc.

    She's worth every single dime, though..and then some. If I ever get my scanner hooked back up, I've planned for a while now, lol to put a picture of abby & katie in my profile.

    Good luck to you, hope the eye issue subsides, or will at *least* do you the 'courtesy' (ha!) of coming and going..so you can SORT of, enjoy lights...

  5. nerdieduckie

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    That made me smile while my tummy was frowning. IBS attack, but fairly mild (thankfully) sleep is still suffering though.

    LOL I can just imagine what they would look like after a few spiky eggnogs and theraflu. It seems that the over-sensitization is what is to blame here. *blames it* It was really weird, it didn't disorient me so much as just seem to be sucking the energy out of me. Like..vampire christmas lights or something. o_O.

    Hm, I prefer to think happiness is truly a warm kitty, but I'm sure that's because I'm a bit partial ;) That and if a dog licks me I start getting itchy/sneezy/watery-eyed etc. but that doesn't stop me from loving them as long as they're nice to me.

    I don't have a puppy for you to borrow, unfortunately, and I do not believe you would want the Moose...he's a bit...unsocialable around strangers. That's really cute though...made me smile, "watch out for static now"

    Thanks for the 5:44 AM smile :) I needed it in this brave attempt to climb back up that ladder on my bed.

    PS What's a kitchen table? I haven't seen one of those since my Grandparents' kitchens ;) Good times..I remember coloring on them...on paper, not on the tables.

    *stops 5:45 AM ramble, rolls out of chair, onto floor, and slowly pulls self up bed ladder*

    Oh how I can't wait until I get my new bed...

    Cheers All,

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