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  1. serenityskyline

    serenityskyline New Member

    Has anyone had problems with your eyes feeling real sore to the touch to the outside around them? But have had no problem seeing, no change in eyesight.
  2. lea

    lea Member

    good luck
  3. Yucca13

    Yucca13 Member

    I'm not sure if I have the same problem, but sometimes for weeks I have a feeling of soreness and slight pressure on the upper part of my eyeball. It is painful to touch it and interfers with wearing my contact lenses. It will last for a week or so. I'm thinking that it probably is from a trigger point referring pain to the area. I've had a very thorough eye exam and the optomologist doesn't find anything wrong.
  4. hurtsalot 2

    hurtsalot 2 New Member

    Yes, my eyes have really been feeling sore lately. I don't know why but I intend to mention to my eye doctor who I am seeing at the end of Feb. My eyes have never felt like this before, this is a new problem. Hope to get it resolved.
  5. serenityskyline

    serenityskyline New Member

    This has been a new issue for several weeks for me, that is why I figured I would post it. I checked out the name that had been given to me above, but it is nothing like that. Don't get me wrong I appreciate the information. But it is just like the two above this. Just the soreness and nothing else and my eyes being really tires alot. Maybe between all of us we will get an answer one day. Or it may be like alot of things... "it's just part of the Fibromyalgia".

    God Bless Everyone!!!
  6. kezzluvscats

    kezzluvscats New Member

    i wear reading glasses. My eyes are affected by bright lights and the sun. My eyes do get sore and when i had a local anaesetic they were very painful.
  7. kch64

    kch64 New Member

    I've developed dry eye which is really bad. I hope your eyes get better. You might consider visiting an optometrist and ask for a dry eye test. They will put a color drop in your eyes and watch to see how long it takes to spread on the eyeball, after you blink.

    If you have dry eye, restatsis helps. It helped me very much.
  8. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    would love to know ir you've found anything tolerable to clean your eyes with, any non-irritating eye drops and facial cleansers/ moisturisers? Hope you see this! Thanks, Shelbo :)
  9. shelbo

    shelbo New Member

    Thanks for replying! :) I have really bad chemical sensitivity but will look up the products you recommend - thanks! Are you chemically sensitive at all? I have heard of IPL and it could be something I look into in the future...if I ever get any money! LOL
    I had antib's in the past for my rosacea/ ocular rosacea but they didn't help...maybe it's because I don't get the papules and pustules :S I have ultra dry sensitive skin and the ocular rosacea presents as red, sore, raw, throbbing, aching, can be itchy too etc and I have meibomian gland dysfunction.... My eyes are very dry..The light can really bother them depending on the severity of the condition at the time... Have you tried fish oil caps or anything? I tried both fish oil and flax and I can't say it's made a big difference...
    I would love to know if you use any eye makeup? Thanks for replying! I appreciate it! :)

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