EZ alternatives for Christmas Trees/etc...?

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    I was thinking about this on my other post... as I've been looking online on this subject

    as I'd said, the fake trees are too expensive here compared to US imo (should've brought the small one I'd had in US, but didn't think!), have been looking at alternatives for things from trees to etc. I found a lot of interesting ideas, I'll list the links:

    There is also lot of straw craft in a nearby town, their bells and wreaths and such are very colorful interwoven with Christmas colors... I'm thinking I'll see what I can get a bargain on and likely just hang some things from the rafter, LOL. maybe I can attach some ornaments to the straw garlands...

    but here are some neat ideas for alternative trees that I think could be made fairly easily - and most don't take up much if any space:
    (there are others there that could be easily replicated to a high degree)

    the one on the top right has a definite 'folk art look', LOL, so anyone could do it:

    other tree ideas:

    this one could be cool to permanently put up - or put a more seasonal one together on cardboard or plywood:

    Also found a tutorial on how to make 'tin' (well, tin flashing or heavy aluminum will work) 'collars' for the miniature lights, one can also save used up metal tea light holders and use those (hole is already in middle!) - they're very pretty and really could be used all year round on our porch- or even a small string to be left up as a nightlight in hallway, I'm thinking!

    from used tea light candle metal holders:

    from tin flashing etc:

    And if you had a tree fall or trimmed or had to cut down (or a neighbor did), this is pretty cool:

    LOL Christmas ennui is already setting in, I've been looking at so many ideas... no more thinking about it for a few weeks hehe...

    But - I'm addicted... if anybody has any links or ideas, please add!!!!?????!!!!!

    It's fun to have my imagination stimulated!

    all the best,
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    in my office I had a ficus tree, I used to put lights on it at Christmas time... maybe I'll buy another one here, could be a permanent indoor/outdoor plant.

    You should see how big and lush the ficus grow in many parts here - they make thick hedges and cut arches thru them...

    and I miss my fig trees/bushes... they're supposed to grow well here, can't see why not as there's no frost but some cold - just have to source a place to grow them.

    We recently planted several bouganvilla, a bottlebrush & a jacaranda tree, a hibiscus (perennial) and 2 avocado trees. No hope in lighting any of them, today our worker officially protected them - they have little tents over the very tops (like mini circus tents) or awnings from the wall over those by the wall, to protect from the occasional frost to make sure the survive their first year.... now it looks like we have lots of little outdoor 'tiendas' (shops) in our yard LOL.

    But.............. we do have 40' cedars on the other side of the wall?!

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I assume those are VERY well behaved pets that never whine, shed fur or feathers.... LOLOL...

    Do you have a Christmas cactus? Love those. A friend has one growing in the shade of her deep porch, it blooms on its own...

    the poinsettias here are flowering too. I had no idea they grow so big in its natural habitat.... I've been told I can just buy one at Christmas and plant it next June, it will grow & flower on its own. Don't understand how/why they flower here with so much steady sun, when up north you have to put it in a dark closet for a while?

  4. Beadlady

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    I have seen a table top "Christmas tree" made out of a big old phone book or a big catalog. It was painted green with glitter "ornaments"

    Sorry I do not have a link for this.

    Do you have thrift stores there--maybe you could find a cheap fake tree or wreath.
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I'm assuming it was made from a relatively thick telephone book, and opened a full 360 degrees? LOL lots of images are going thru my mind... I'll have to google it and see if it comes up. Maybe on Etsy or similar places.

    Someone sent me a craft link, there was even a project on using smashed soda cans! It made a hysterical looking cow, for one
    ( http://www.favecrafts.com/Green-Crafting/Smashed-Soda-Can-Animals )
    - recycling at its best for sure, I could see it decorating the 'folk art' tree I listed above!

    I know that if I start anything that takes more than a few months, it will be a project done in time for next year, LOL... Edited to say: OOPS I meant a few days, not months! Christmas is way to close to be talking about doing anything for it that takes monthS! Lately using other words for those I meant has been happening more often. Eeek.... :(
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