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  1. joyfully

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    We have some members on the depression board who could use some tips for easy house cleaning.

    I'm sure that the members on the arthritis and FM board would also appreciate anything that lessens the effort to clean.

    Please post your ideas so we can all take care of our achy joints, sore muscles, and lack of enthusiasm for house cleaning.

    If you have a cleaner that works exceptionally well for a particular cleaning task----or a technique that makes the job easier. We would like your ideas.
    Thanks! :)

    OK. I'll start. Before I go to bed, I always wet down my kitchen sink, shake some kitchen cleanser in it, and then go to bed. The wet sink activates the cleanser and removes the coffee stains that my hubby creates by not rinsing the sink after pouring coffee in the sink. (sound familiar)

    The next morning, I wet down the sink again to reactivate the cleanser a second time. Then, as I'm using the sink during the day, the cleanser just gets washed down the drain.

    I love those new extended handle swiffer dusters. I don't have to stretch to reach places. Very little hand or arm movement is required to dust large areas.
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    1. a gadget called a reacher or grabber. I use it to pick up stuff off the floor or get stuff out of the cupboards.
    2. Those swiffer things for the floor. I cut up old rags and use them instead of the paper things it comes with. Spray with cleaner and good for small cleaning jobs.
    3. Use vinegar for mirrors.
    4. That carpet swiffer is great for superficial cleaning ie. bird seed or dry cat food or peices of paper.
    5. Always soak my pots with hot soapy water and put my cutlery in it easier to wash.
    6. When baking always use alumimun foil easier clean up.
    Not a cleaning tip but it has become a god send. When my worker changes my bed. Instead of making it so the covers are folded down to the bottom like a hospital bed. She fan folds it length ways and it is easier to pull on to cover up.
  3. findmind

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    Well now, not too many replies, are there?

    But this is a good post, and think many of us just don't clean very much or very deeply, LOL, so be patient, I'll think of one yet!

    Oh, my best tip is I have a tray with a handle, in which I keep a can of lemon Pledge (love lemon smells), a dry dust cloth, another small cloth to dampen with water, and a long soft bathtub back brush.

    I throw everything onto chairs and couchs; lamps, papers, pics, alll...

    I pledge good wood, damp wipe tvs, dust knicknacks with dry cloth and guess what I use the tub backbrush for...silk plants!
    Start at the top of each room and work downwards.

    throw everything back on tables and take a nap!

    Surely I'll think of more...
  4. joyfully

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    I have that caddy tray with a handle too. I put lots of my cleaning supplies in there so I don't have to go hunting for them. With rheumatoid arthritis and FM, I need to make every effort count. Otherwise, I'd just wear myself out hunting for the cleaning supplies!

    ANYTHING with a long handle is a body saver. You don't have to reach so far, the handle does the reaching for you.

    I have 2 artificial very large trees in my home. I have my hubby take them outside every once in awhile. I have one of those bottles you can attach to your hose to spray insecticide on the lawn. Instead, I've marked it SOAP. I pour MrClean in the bottle and attach it to the hose. I squirt down the two trees with the soapy water, then rinse them off with clear water. I let them dry outside and then have my hubby haul them back in the house after a couple of hours.

    It sure saves me from having to try to clean all of those individual leaves!

    SHOPVAC. I love my shopvac. it is soooooooooo much more powerful than a standard vacuum. It is great for cleaning baseboards and the floor next to the baseboards. You don't have to get very near the dustbunny as you do with a regular vacuum cleaner. The suction is so powerful on the shop vac that all you need to do is put the wand in the general vicinity of the dust bunnies -----and they are gone.

    Now, there is one downside----if you get too close to your drapes, they will get sucked into the wand too!
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    The shop Vac is a new one for me....mmmmmm.

    Swifters is the greatest since canned peaches and pre-sliced bread. Even kids want to dust and all..they love it.

    When I get ready to clean kitchen.....I put dishes in the sink )I hand wash) and soap and all hot water and I do have really hot water. Any pots or pans usually always have already had soap and water in them. THEN

    Dampened the stovetop and counter top and let it set for a minute. Heck by that time you might want to sit for a couple of minutes.......LOL. Come back and clean off the stove and counter tops. They clean easily now. Sometimes a little windex helps cut any soap scum and makes stove and appliances shine. Another break?

    Now wash the dishes, use a glass sponge or brush in your drinking glasses. then wash any skillets and pans. Dishes, pots and pans clean so much easier now, after a soak. Wipe out the sink and faucets. Sometimes I put a little (very little ) bleach in the sink and let is sit for a minute or two, rinse. Good for drains also. A drop of bleach in your dishwater helps to sanitize. Also makes stronger nails. Wash your sponges and dishcloths often, I soak them in bleach sometimes but also put in clothes washer. Use bleach when you clean your dish drainer.

    Never wipe dishes. One reason (excuse) is that we would need another towel as we already used the ones out to wipe everything off. Plus God made dish drainers for our use. LOL.

    I put my cleaning stuff in a caddy also.LOL. Useful for my cleaning lady. How lucky I am. But I still do and have much to do. It helps my spirits to have things better.

  6. sues1

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    I try not to look at the dirty kitchen as a negative but picture how nice it will look after I am done. This motivates me. I call this the clean kitchen image. Also works with most other things.

    I hate the picking up and putting away task that seems to be all the time. But I try to be positive there also.

    I feel good then about what I do accomplish and yes, it is hard to keep up with things.

  7. joyfully

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    When a glass shatters on your countertop, floor, etc. It is always hard to get the tiny shards at the end. Use wet paper towels and only wipe in one direction.

    Never use your kitchen sponge because some of the tiny pieces will stay in the sponge. The next time you squeeze your sponge----you could get tiny shards of glass in your hand. Wet paper towels. That is the easy disposable solution.
  8. AnneTheresa

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    Thanks for initiating this thread, Joyfully. I'm always interested in learning easier ways to do things. Here are a few of my tried-and-true household tips.

    I store all my cleaning supplies in an upper cupboard in the kitchen rather than the usual under-the-kitchen-sink cupboard. This makes cleaning supplies much easier to reach.

    Kitchen cupboards, I have organized with easy-to-carry trays. This way everything I need for a particular task can be taken down at one time. For example, if I want to bake cookies, I just need to take down my 'baking tray' which contains flour, baking soda/powder, raisins, oatmeal, vanilla, etc.

    I also use a tray on the floor for my cat's food dish and water dish. Then, I only have to bend once to pick up the tray (to refill food & water) and then bend once more to put the tray back down on the floor. This saves me a couple of (painful) bends.

    I fill the bottom of wastebaskets with clean bags so that when I empty the wastebaskets there are clean bags ready and waiting.

    I keep a broom and dustpan in each room, affixed to the back of the closet door. This saves me a few trips.

    I work in 5, 10 or 15 minute blocks of time (depending on how good or bad I feel that day) and after each block of work, I take a rest. During rest-time I read, watch TV, or use the computer, unless I'm having a very bad day and these things aren't possible.

    I have colour-co-ordinated bedsheets, pillow-cases, blankets, comforter and duvet covers. All are in the same, solid colour. This way, if I don't feel able to make the bed, it doesn't look as visually cluttered as it would with a mish-mash of colours and designs. Most times, I just straighten the pillows, pull up the covered-duvet and call it good enough.

    I love the swiffer products but they're costly. I've found a less-expensive, off-brand version at the dollar store.

    I delegate. I still organize the housework, grocery shopping, cooking etc. but I give some of the more difficult chores (eg. vacuuming, chopping vegetables) to my sweetie and when my children visit, I always find things for them to do:)

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa

  9. naturebaby

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    Hi! Good thread, it's been posted before tho, that might be why not so many replies this time. But I love this topic every time so I'll add mine!

    * recently discovered Melaleuca cleaning products made with tea-tree oil. No chemicals, "green", and they actually work really well! (no, I'm not a sales rep, just a satisfied customer!)

    * on good days, when I can actually move about and clean, I focus on one room only. Otherwise, I end up overdoing it.

    * I chop a week's worth of onions with my blade chopper and put them in a ziplock bag in the fridge.

    * on good days, I might decide to cook for the freezer. This is a godsend on flareup days. I have alot of great freezer recipes; maybe we could get a thread going and do a freezer recipe swap?

    * insist that family uses shower clean spray every time, and that tub is cleaned and wiped after baths. I also use the new disposible toilet cleaner wands in the bathroom, and will sometimes attach a new pad and clean the shower with it.

    Those are just a couple off the top of my head...my family is finally getting the message and has started pitching in with housework a lot more than they used to. cheers, nature
  10. llama

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    Sorry, I only have one little helpful household tip:

    Between toilet bowl cleanings, like every day or two, throw a denture cleaning tablet into the bowl. It helps me to not have to do any scrubbing for quite awhile. Denture tablets are cheap and it's a minimal effort in throwing one or two in.

    Hope this helps someone...........Jill............
  11. CLEANING THE TUB.....My husband came home with a Mr. clean mop for the bathtub and says he really likes it. lol! Now that he does the tub he found its alot easier than kneeling. I suppose now I can clean the tub as I can't get down to do it, or more can't get up . This way you can stand.

    MICROWAVE ...Before cleaning the inside of the microwave, put a bowl or measuring cup full of water and let it boil , the steam loosens anything that is in there.

    BED....Before I get up our of bed, I pull the blanket , sheet and comforter up to my neck so its so much easier and quicker to make it without needing to use my arms/shoulders to pull it up as it gets heavy, especially with the comforter.

    WIPEUPS....I buy alot of Bounty paper towels, they are so great and absorb well for quick cleanups.

    LAUNDRY.....Another tip I just started is when emptying the drier, I take two clothesbaskets and sort hubbies and my laundry before folding it, so its alot easier folding in its own basket plus then its all in one to go in each drawers.

    PET HAIR....When I had two cats, I bought one of those sticky rollers that have many sheets on, that pick up the cat hair, they are fabulous and cheap.

    Door Knobs and phones......I love those canisters of pull out single wipes, clorox disinfecting are great and quick and easy to use.

  12. Greenbean7

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    I would like to say that the best thing I use for cleaning is my DH, but that just wouldn't be true!

    I agree about the shop vac! I love it. Especially with two big dogs in the house. It's the only thing I move from room to room when I clean. Well, I do move the swiffer, but it doesn't weigh anything!

    I keep all the bathroom cleaners I need in each bathroom. Potty cleaner, glass cleaner, floor cleaner, etc., and a roll of paper towels are under the sink in both bathrooms. No need to lug stuff around, it's all right there.

    Kitchen cleaners are under the kitchen sink, dust cloths and Endust in the hutch in the living room. Dust cloth and Endust in the bedroom, too, in my night stand.

    That way if I get the urge what I need is right there. Not that I get the urge much, but sometimes in the middle of the night when I can't sleep I will clean the bathroom. DH thinks the pixies do it!

    After all, we don't keep the laundry detergent in the well house unless we keep the washer there. Keeping everything in the room I use it in really saves me time, steps, and aggrevation! (Those darn pixies kept moving things!!)

    Those Mr. Clean bathroom scrubbers on the long handle are great for reaching where I can't get down to. Have one hanging on the shower rod in both bathrooms. Also like the Mr. Clean Eraser and keep one in each bathroom and the kitchen.

  13. joyfully

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    Just thought of something regarding shop vac. Buy the kind that ALL FOUR WHEELS swivel on the casters. Otherwise, you have to expend too much energy moving it if only 2 of the 4 wheels swivel.

    I'm in a mobility scooter. I can just push it with my foot when I need the canister to change direction. I used to have a shop vac that two of the wheels didn't swivel. I was continuously whacking into a piece of furniture because of those two non-swivel casters.

    Got rid of that one!