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    Some quotes from a book by Richard Benson. There seem to be several
    authors named Richard Benson. Anyhoo this book provides no info regarding
    the school or the students or the author, but these are allegedly student
    answers to test questions on a variety of topics.

    What Greek Philosopher wrote The Republic and The Apology?

    Use the word "doldrums" in a sentence.
    I cannot play the doldrums.

    Name two classes that did not exist in Medieval England.
    History class and Geography class.

    What is a nitrate?
    It is much cheaper than a day rate.

    Define varicose.
    Close by.

    What is a terminal illness.
    When you get sick at the airport.

    Explain the phrase "Free Press".
    When your mom irons your pants.

    What is a partnership?
    A boat that needs two drivers.

    Name two animals found in Siberia.
    The lynx and the larynx.

    Use the word "congenial" in a sentence.
    When you leave the gravy out too long
    and it congenials.

    There. Now don't you feel better informed?


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