F/m affects after surgery

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  1. Roscoe

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    Hello All!
    I have been "lurking" for quite some time but now have a serious reason to write. I have had f/m for several years now, and my PARTICULARproblem area is lumbar (L3/4-4/5, S-1- bulging discs). I was on a TON of meds for about two years and barely able to get out of bed. I started working with a medical intuitive and was able to come off about 90% of the very strong medications that I was taking. Life was GREAT again! I could ride my horse, work out, etc. Then, I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff just before Christmas, and all h**l broke loose! In addition to being in terrible pain from the surgery, my back is so incredibly painful that I can barely get out of bed. My legs ache, have fatigue, etc. Basically, I hurt ALL OVER! My pain management doc says this is a common occurrence with folks that suffer from f/m. I'm curious to know if anyone else has had this experience. It's really tough to remain "hopeful" right now.

    Rita(aka "Roscoe" - my dogs name)
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    that you are in so much pain. I can't speak for this but I'm sure it's common. Anytime we put our bodies through and type of trauma, it reacts in a negative way. Keep working with your doctor to reduce the pain.

    Don't give up with may get back to where you were before.

    By the way I'm very envious that you have a horse.

    Soft hugs Laura
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    Hi Rita. Yes it is difficult to bounce back. I had thyroid cancer and had my thyroid removed a month ago. The worst thing for me is fatigue and over pain from the fatigue. I need radioactive iodine and until I get it they cant put me on the right dose of thyroid meds. So I am running on a quarter tank right now. I just keep hanging on the fact that it will pass. You over came this very well in the past and I believe you can do it again. Be patient with your self and the healing process. Just surrender right now to where your at and it will greatly reduce your stress. Hence improve the healing. HANG IN
  4. Roscoe

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    To Laura and Poodlemum,
    Thank you for your prompts responses! I thought I was losing my mind! I hate being back on all these meds, but you're both right, I got through it before and will again. Strong faith and support from folks like you surely help!

    Laura, where do you live? :=) I could sure use some help exercising my THREE horses right now!

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    Hi Rita - Sorry you are going thru so much pain.

    I had TMJ surgery in August and it took me about 3 months to recover. This was supposed to be outpatient surgery but because of my health issues they kept me in overnight. When I came out of surgery I felt like I had been working out, lifting weights. Every muscle in my body was so sore that I could barely moeve at all. The pain from the surgery itself was not that bad...pain was mostly gone in a few days but my body was in a major flare. I was so sore and could barely move for 3 months.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.