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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by motherjo, Apr 14, 2003.

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    Hello there. I have a problem with my face breaking out with small bumps and dry skin very dry. Just the face also behind the ear skin is thin . is this FMS TOO??????
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    I too have the same rash on my face, most recently on my eyelids. Since the onset I've used only natural cosmetics w/o scents or preservatives which has seemed to lessen the problem, but I still was having occasional bouts of the rash. Sometimes it would get so inflammed that I could hardly open my eyes not to mention the fact that I looked pretty weird! One Dr. recommended avoiding touching my eyelids (to avoid contaminating the sensitive area with whatever might be on my fingertips) and Rx'd a corticosteroid ointment which helped. I only used it when the inflammation was at it's worst because cortisone is not recommended for use around the eye area since it causes the skin to become thin and lose it's elasticity. Also, some eyedrops containing cortisone I had for an eye virus came with the warning "continued use has been proven to lead to glaucoma-induced blindness in some cases"... With that information in mind, I did NOT want to use any more corticosteroids on or around my eyes no matter how bad the rash was.

    Recently I read about Eladil, a new non-steroidal ointment developed for use on infants with eczema. I asked my GP for a Rx. After the first application the rash on my eyelids cleared up! Hopefully it won't be as hard on my skin as the cortisone was; I'm aging fast enough already!
    Good luck!

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    Hi friends, A big thanks for your reply. motherjo