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  1. ProHealth

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    Hello to all of our Community Members,

    Thank you for the feedback on the recently added Facebook and Twitter links. We appreciate hearing your voice in these situations and we are willing to listen to you.

    With the response so far, we are willing to remove these links, but would like to first explain what the benefit is for you. If the majority of our members still feel the same way after the explanation, we will make a final decision to remove within 72 hours.

    Please read this: ProHealth is planning to grow and strengthen this community that has brought so many of you support and information over the years. Our community can only grow with exposure to others. When a post is ‘Liked’ or ‘Tweeted’, it increases the number of new people who might find it interesting. More people who could share your experiences. More people to help.

    These social media links were suggested to us by our trusted moderators who had received the request from several community members over the past month.

    When making your decision, please keep in mind that this message board is in a public space on the internet and can be found many different ways. Also, unless you decide otherwise, your identity is completely anonymous to others viewing posts that you have participated in.

    Please take this survey that will be used to collect your vote.

    <div id="surveyMonkeyInfo"><div><script src="https://www.surveymonkey.com/jsEmbed.aspx?sm=jDASIV6XYN_2fPphde609iig_3d_3d"> </script></div></div>

    In addition, please feel free to continue posting any comments below regarding this topic.

    Thank you,
  2. Mikie

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    My comments on the Chit Chat Board.

    Love, Mikie
  3. TigerLilea

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    As I posted on Chit Chat, I don't see where any of these messages are being posted on FB after someone clicks on the "Like" button. It would help if PH explained exactly what the point is of clicking on the FB or Twitter button. Or is this the same purpose as liking a comment on FB??
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  4. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    I clicked "Like" to see what would happen and it posts a link on FB to the thread here on PH. Personally I don't want family and friends coming over here and reading everything that I post. It feels like an invasion of my privacy.
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  5. jole

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    with Freida. Just because we do not have FB, many of our families do. So do a lot of scammers and trolls. I do not want our community bombarded by people who do not even have our Dx's here just for the fun of reading and rediculing us. This will open us up to more problems than it will get more legitimate FM/CFS sufferers. I think all of us would love to have and help new members, but not at the expense of privacy.
  6. misskoji

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    First, let me say that I can understand everyone's concerns here.

    ProHealth does care very much about our community. That is why they are so receptive to listen to us, support us, and grow with us. ProHealth is careful to protect your identity, and this is why we do not allow email addresses or other personal contact information posted on our fourms, it is meant to protect all of us.

    My fellow moderators, and several personal friends we have in our community collaborated and shared ideas for our growth, and to strengthen what ProHealth strives to do; help and support us. These twitter and Facebook buttons were just one of many of these ideas presented. It was only with the best of intentions they were put in place. So more people could find us, help us, share with us, as we would share with them. I know not everyone uses these social media outlets, but they are a way of life now for many of us.

    If I hadn't been lucky enough to find ProHealth over eight years ago, I'm not sure where I would be in my journey in health and healing. I know many of you can relate to and appreciate that. Our community is sometimes all we have, while we struggle to be validated, cared for, and understood.

    ProHealth does care, very much, about our community. We don't want to see anyone leave us. We value every single member of our community.

    ProHealth is listening to you, they care about you. Please continue to send your feedback, ideas, and concerns. Or, post them here. How would you like to see ProHealth grow?

    I really hope nobody will leave us because of only our most well intentioned growth.

    Hugs to all,

  7. ProHealth

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    Thank you to all who have voiced their opinions and voted on the Facebook and Twitter icons. As you can see, they have been removed. Thank you all for your support of ProHealth.
  8. TigerLilea

    TigerLilea Active Member

    A big thank you to ProHealth for listening to our concerns.

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