Facial aches and pains after visit to dentist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dorabella, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

    Anyone find that their teeth feel strange and a bit sensitive and they have weird aches and pains after a visit to the dentist.

    I had a standard cleaning session, but noticed that during the session my jaw was aching from being wide open and last night everything from my neck to my nose was tight and achey.

    Today is slightly easier but the back of my jaw is still aching. Nothing is easy with fibro - my body just doesn't like being messed with!!!!

  2. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

  3. gabdeb

    gabdeb New Member

    I went to the dentist monday and had a tooth pulled. It wasnt that bad when he did it, but it still hurts. it wakes me up at night and if i touch my gums by it, it hurts alot. ive had 3 teeth just break off in the last year. Your right, nothing is easy with fibro. hope you are feeling better.
  4. dorabella

    dorabella New Member

    I've been breaking teeth too - last year managed to break off a front crown in my sleep, cracked a molar with a boiled sweet and ended up having to cough up nearly £600 total in costs for two new crowns.

    Now it appears I'm going to have a root canal on another molar. I wouldn't mind if I hadn't been looking after my teeth but I have!!!

    And I was hoping to have an FM pain and trauma-free year this year. No such luck.....

  5. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I recently had a root canal done,..and for that I had my mouth wide open for at least an hr!! well,... I'm still recovering from that ordeal!
    My whole jaw aches,cheekbone pains,..hurts near my ears.etc.
    and they wonder why some people don't like to go to the dentist!! Its torture on some of us.

    Maybe we have so many troubles due to that condition TMJ.?? just a thought~
    I was'nt DX with that yet,but I think I have it.
    Hope your pain eases soon :)
  6. Marjidoll

    Marjidoll New Member

    I have not had any dental work necessary other than cleanings for almost 3 years.

    I had a small cavity filled a few weeks ago, and could not believe how sore I was for about a week afterward.

    What hurt the most was where he gave the shot, must have been in a muscle because it ached for a long time.

    My dentist is familiar with the fact that I have fibro and TMJ problems, so if I am having a longer procedure, he constantly asks if I am ok, and do I need a rest, but who would have thought a 15 minute filling would cause so much discomfort?
  7. 1by1

    1by1 New Member

    not exactly the same as yours, but last time i went to the dentist, he gave me a shot to numb the area. he hit a nerve and i said "whoa, that hurt." he said, oh i must have hit a nerve. well, my tongue and lips tingled for exactly 3 months afterward. thank God it stopped, but i was a mess for three months. never went back there. but i thought, does this have something to do with this dd? never had that happen before. now i am afraid to get a novacaine shot again........

    hanging in there with the rest of us. lbyl

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