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    even though i am feeling better, i still ahve had a problem and it has gotten worse and worse, awful, painful cysts on my face, as well as on other parts of my body. i would have to get them lanced, and iused to have beautiful skin, and i use retain a and face wash, and always the newest acne treatments and it just got worse, and when we moved to a dryer climate it got worse. the only thing i tried that seemed to work was blue light= homophototherapy, it did a great job but then 7 months later i had to start going every week for treatment, it could not keep up. i also had dandruff for the first time in my life, i had itchy arms legs ,face back and neck especially at night, and it felt like i had some kind of tiny bug crawling on me. i asked my derm to teat me and they said i was fine and it was from stress, i got kenalog shots directly into the cysts to make them fo away, they hurt so bad they kept me up at night, and it is so humiliatingto go out in public when your face has 3 to 6 cysts on it, and waht about answering the door if you don't have coverup on? my face was puffy, and it didn't seem to matter what i did. thank god for the blue light, it helped so much BUT!!!!!! i then saw an artical about DEMODEX FOLLICULORUM AND DEMODEX BREVIS!!!@!!!!!!!!!!
    IT IS A MITE!!!! a parasite that is very contagius!! i was also having hair loss. i looked it up on the internet under the name of the mite, and had an aha moment! on one wbsite it said ho took take samples and look at it under a microscope. i handed the printout to my derm and asked if he had heard of it and he just handed it back and didn't say anything else about it. so i tested myself and i was infested!!!! i found out if you have a lowered immune system you are likely to get this mite casue you already most likely have it, but your immune sytem takes care of the majority.
    they live where the sebeceous glands, tickle spots can occure on other parts of the body, acne on chest and back, rosacea your eyelashes, hair, demodex is a conditional-pathogenic parrasite, there are five phases, they lay eggs, and the disorder occurs as the result of a large infesttation combined with a weakend immune system.it enlarges your pores, (had one derm say enlarged pores are natural, give me a break!)you get an itchy crawling sensaton on face and maybe scalp, or other parts of body. it was so easy to see the bug under a microscope from target! i have started the treatement a few days ago and i get the a similar feeling i had from blue light treatment, but better, and my face feels clean!! and my skin ton is getting back to a normal even tone, it feels like my skn is microscopically popping after i use the soap. i am waiting for the shampoo, and the companies i looked at that make the differant products, all had a 99% effective rate and a 93% cure rate. finally, a solution!!!!!!
    not like one derm said about pescription treatments, just keep doing what you are doing, and i said,
    but it isn't making it better it just seems to hold it somewhat bay, and i kept asking over and over for a better treatment, and he just dropped me as a patient instead saying, I HAVE THIRTY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, I KNOW WHAT I AM DOING, i guess he does to a point, but i had to find this on my own.
    look it up for yourself!! under the parasite name. happy hunting!!!