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    I am a candlemaker that found this site from a message board for candlemaker's. I am almost in tears reading some of your posts. I have had FM since I was 14 yrs old but it got progressively worse with menopause. I have facial flushing almost all of my life. I am so glad to see that others have it too. I have been to many doctors for this with different diagnosis but nobody has been able to help me. My face gets very red, hot and actually makes me feel ill. Thought it was blood pressure problem, but when my face is flushed I have checked my bp and it has been normal. I feel better now knowing that others have this same symptom and I am not nuts. Everyone says live with it but when my face is flushed, I always feel anxious and completely uncomfortable. Thanks for making me feel normal or as normal as any of us will ever be!!!
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    No you are not nuts...LOL. I tell new people that because I thought I was nuts too before I began talking to others that experienced the same symptoms as I did. There is always great info on this board so we hope you will stay. I am also sure you can offer others helpful info on how you cope with this diagnosis. When others doubt you...we will understand. Love, Hippen
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    hi welcome to the board...

    just know that you are not alone in your symptoms....many of us have similar symptoms and sometimes it just helps to know that you are not alone. Many times you can get really good advice on how to make yourself feel better just by reading the posts. My husband and myself also get face flushing but ususally when we bend over or exert ourselves. I ask our doctor why we always had red heads and she didn't know. My husband and 2 daughters and myself all got sick last summer and it hasn't gone away despite lots of hard work and research. Guess we are stuck with it like everyone else. But, we'll keep trying to find answers.

    take care
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    I was just about to suggest hypothyroid, which is woefully underdiagnosed, since most docs don't know about the normal range being lowered. You beat me to it. Brilliant minds think alike, har, har.
    Seriously, please get a complete thyroid panel done and insist on treatment with natural Armour Thyroid if your TSH result is above 3.0, or if it's above 2.0 if hypothyroid or depression runs in your family.
    Glad you found us,
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    I have had facial flushing for a very long time. Was just diagnosed with FM and RA 2 years ago. Sometimes it feels like face is burned even though have not been exposed to the sun. All I can tell you is use cool cloths to face when it is unbearable. I always have people ask me if I am wearing rouge. HA! We can save money on makeup. No really, It really is worse when I have a flare. I have flares occur when there is no apparent reason I can attribute to it. Wish I could be of more help.