facial tics--can they go away, i hope?

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    (i just posted a similar post, but am being more clear here.)

    something new;( !... (after 14 years of cfs/fibro/cervical disc herniation)...

    about a month ago, i noticed that i was squinting my eyes quite often and "screwing up" my mouth or just generally scrunching up my face (i though maybe this was due to fatigue and recent increased blurred vision). i'm also leaning my chin on my left palm more than usual for pressure as much as the usual (tired head rest)... not clear if that's related. does seem to be a bit more going on with the left side of my face (usual for me anyway).

    now it's seeming that these might be facial tics (they don't seem totally involuntary, but they might be). i've been advised to see a neuroligist by some on here, and will!

    i've had facial numbness and tired facial muscles and slight facial tremors in the past, but never tics. it's freakin' me out. wonder if it's due to the spinal stenosis, post herpetic neuraliga (herpes outbreaks recently and currently)...(or who knows what part of the dd. lol).

    major note: i can't take ANY meds lately (allergic to every last one, plus herbs and vitamins!)... so i'm not even on any (sure would like to be, as my headaches have been bad lately, too). and not sure what a neuroligist can do if they can't give you meds.

    oddly enough, my general energy has been not too bad...

    i will go see one, at least.

    i am praying this is temporary. it's sorta scary.

    anyone have any thoughts?


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  2. victoria

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    one side of his face has developed over the years a spasm, includes eye, eyebrow, cheek, scalp, very uncomfortable. What exactly it's due to, hard to say, likely herpes as shortly before that happened he suddenly started having outbreaks which he hadn't had since he was a child.... could be lyme related too, as our son has it, and it does occur in clusters.

    He did see a neurologist, who gave him botox shots, paid for by MediCare since it was for medical reasons (tho no, he didn't get both sides done, it was only given on the side he needed it LOLOL...)

    it worked very well, and he only had to go every 3-4 months, and after a 18 months maybe, he didn't even need any. They seemed to stay away for a few years, he felt it was because he started taking a lot of lysine and other things... but it has slowly returned. I suppose when it gets bad enough again, he will get the shots again.

    Hope you get some help, I can imagine how annoying it is, it drove my DH crazy after a while and even interfered with his sleeping!

    all the best,

    PS: he also does have bulging neck discs plus stenosis of the cervical spine, also dx'd with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

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    Hi, I get muscle tics around my right eye; it seems to come and then go away for no apparent reason (although I'm more likely to have it when I'm tired or stressed.) I also get tics in my arm muscles and even thighs at times. The only thing that seems to help at all is a potassium supplement so you might wnat to try this. I take magnesium with it too. tamsyn