facial tingling /numbness anyone???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by morgana, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. morgana

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    Hello everyone
    do any of you suffer with numbness and tingling??esp up the face and into the scalp??sometimes it feels like theres ants crawling all over my face??
    I broke my neck in 1985 (hangmans fracture of C2)and had a fusion of most of the bones in my neck.
    I also have arthritis in my neck and was wondering if the tingling could be related to trapped nerves or just down to fibro(ive had fibro since 1985)..........
  2. pam_d

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    While I'm not numb, I absolutely do suffer from facial tingling with FM, and I know the feeling of that "ant-crawly" thing you describe. My scalp also is tender & tingly sometimes. I do not have anything as severe as a neck fracture, but I know when I started with these symptoms, I had brain & cervical spine MRIs, and I DO have disc disease on my C5-6, 6-7; however, those vertebrae, I was told, do not affect nerves in the face, hands or feet (hands & feet are my other "tingly parts"). I even had nerve conduction studies, & something called somatosensory tests---no connection between my neck disc issues & this facial tingling. So I DO attribute mine to FM, and Devin Starlanyl's book on FM discusses this, too.

    You, though, have different neck vertebrae involved, and a much more serious injury & subsequent fusion, so you may be experiencing more than FM problems; I would definitely check it out with a neurologist or neurosurgeon even.

    But the tingling, and the bug-crawly sensation (I get that one other places on my body, too, like the bottoms of my feet) are pretty typical for those of us with FM who tend toward the neurological symptoms. And those sensations are no fun, I really can empathise with you, going through it myself! And my personal experience with it is that doctors tend to take pain seriously, but be condescending or at least not real concerned about the awful "sensations" like this that we live with...

    Good luck, morgana, I hope you find the answer...definitely follow up on the neck issues, though, it could be involved.

    Feel better,
  3. yayapriestess

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    yes, I have it once in awhile and read somewhere that it can be called facial migraine, don't know about that, but seems to be part of FMS
  4. popgun

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    Yes, in my opinion what you described is called Para-stee-cia, sorry but I don't know how to spell it but this is how I say it. I think it is from pinched nerves, I had a whiplash an have it,by chance do you ears also ring?
  5. layinglow

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    I too, was experiencing the tingling and numbness you described, and additionally twitches and small muscle spasms in my face. I had the same symptoms elsewhere in my body. I started taking klonopin a few months ago, and this have mostly ceased. I have a diagnosis of FM/CFS, and cervical stenosis, with arthritis.
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  6. morgana

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    Thank you all for your replys yes i do get tingling and the feeling of bugs crawling elsewhere on my skin mostly in my legs.I saw a neurologist last year who said that my neck was badly arthritic and that i also had some muscle atrophy think thats what he called it gee this fog does nothing for my memory.its not there all the time ,the tingling in my face is comes and goes sporadically.(hugs morgana)