faeces transplant anyone

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    Faeces transplants came to my attention on an aussie science doco program called "catalyst"
    it involves transplanting healthy donor faeces into the intestinal tract to give it a powerful dose of pribiotics and help restore other flora ,I iknow that alot of us have intestinal problems and i thought as the intestinal tract is the very 1st stage of absorption for nutrients and amino acids if its broken down correctly would make sense that this might help us with some of our problems is there anyone of you that has tried this transpoosion treatment short piece of information; http://anguishedrepose.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/restoring-bowel-flora-by-way-of-poo-can-cure-what-ails-you/.dont restrain your humour on this one

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    but I have only heard of this being done when someone has an overgrowth of the C.Diff
    in the colon caused by antibiotics. It's considered the final attempt when all else fails.

    This subject has been one at my Twin's house recently since her DH has an overgrowth
    of C.Diff. She told her son that he would be the most likely candidate for being the donor.

    However, after three rounds of C.Diff killer and two enemas, he seems to be back on

    But I do get the drift of what you are saying. Our colon is so important to our health.
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    Dr thomas barody a GI specialist has claimed this treatment has has cured IBS< C.Fidd.Ulcerative.C,reduced symptoms of parkinson.D,and individuals with CFS have shown marked improvement in energy levels.

    Its definatley a treatment i am taking seriously that at least if not a cure for FM may assist with the toublesome gut problems that plague us.

    Would love to tolerate a beer or two.

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    I wonder if this somehow correlates to Dr. Chia's findings, regarding enteroviruses. Maybe gut dysbiosis has allowed enteroviruses to take over, at least in some people? I know someone who came back with one of the few positives she's ever received, but not sure yet what will be done.
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    Couldn't you indulge us a bit of humor!!!!
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    This just sounds NASTY!!! I think I'll have to pass on this one. Could you imagine having to explain to someone what kind of treatment you are currently undergoing???

    Oh yes, the humour element is definitely there!

    Paula >^.^<

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    to take up snogs challenge and keep within protocol, We could start the toilet humour of with something like this:

    As far as jokes go i've been trying to induce one but so far seem somewhat constipated,,

    I am really hoping this treatment is not a WASTE of time,,,,

    I apologize to some veiwers i am not trying to belittle the idea just engaging in some humour i dont wont to be a grumpy old man for the rest of my life.

    When u think about how many pills,injections,molotov concoctions [not even sure theres such a thing,but ill start it here]youve endured pills on top of fridge in cupboards in the fridge vitamins, minerals ,hormone treatment dhea,testosterone[for the boys well maybe not, some women do take this] anti depressants anti convulsives anti biotics meds pain meds anti inflammatorys the heat packs the ointments the list goes on blah blah.For only a mi-nute gain for a condition that is getting less and less recognition as new diseases and illnesses push ours further out of the circle somewhere near the acceptance of the ingrown toe nail.

    After nearly 25yrs of this i am quite literally prepared to eat you know what {i know thats offensive to some][thats not exactly the procedure either]to at least cure [thats what we want a cure not fill the dots medication] some of the disabling aspects of this disease then i will; FIBROMYALGIA IS A PAIN IN THE MUSCLE AND SOME

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