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    I am new to this not at all computer savy.History is 54 yr old female 6 yrs post op left elbow joint replacement now failed.Can not find m.d in orange county ca.Very difficult situation,want to do it again and no one will refer me to a m.d.Feeling very frustrated and in alot of pain,getting no where in my pursuit.This will be number 5 surgery and situation colors my life. If anyone can help guide me I thank them very much.
    Tried to get into chat room, did get in but was stuck from there. Forgive my lack of computer skills.
    THANK YOU.... if you can help, I so appreciate it.
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    The main board would be a much better place to try to find an answer to your question. That is the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Board. Go up to the top of this page and click on Message Boards. Four boards will be listed and click on that one.

    Many more people go to that board and hopefully you will get some help. I live near Orange County but Florida not Calif.