faintness and numb kneecaps

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gumama, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. gumama

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    anyone experience the passing out or fainting feeling.. I can just be going along doing just fine and then all of a sudden I feel like I'm going to faint.. sometimes I feel like I'm smothering and my legs get weak.. I've also had my knee caps feel numb.

    I'm working on bring up my potassium level since I'm on a diuretic for Meniere's .... but this is all new the last couple of weeks..

    I don't have an official diagnosis of Fibro but hope to have that confirmed next week.. I do have anxiety but this weakness and shaking feeling inside and the weak knees is all new to me...

  2. tandy

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    I have FM~your acually the first person to desribe the numb kneecaps,and I have that alot!! I get the weakness too. I don't ever feel like I'm gonna faint thou~ I hope thats not yet to come. I just looked again at your post and just wanna add,I also get the shakey inside feeling.
    I'm interested to see if others get these....the kneecaps thing I never even thought to bring up before~ thanks for asking!I hope others come along and share their thoughts on this. Best of Luck!
  3. healing

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    of this kind of faint-ness, although I'm sure that a medical professional such as Madwolf or one of our nurses could respond much better than I. Anyway, I can think of a few -- low blood pressure is a big one, and so is low blood sugar. Some of us have fluctuating blood pressure depending on whether we're sitting, standing, lying down, etc. Low blood sugar can cause that shaky, weak feeling too. Try eating more protein and eat more often (smaller amounts) and see if your symptoms get better.

    I haven't got a clue about the kneecaps, but many of us here have all kinds of neuropathy, including burning and/or numb feet, creepy feelings up and down legs or arms, etc. Perhaps the kneecap numbness is the same thing.

    Hope this helps!