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    Hi, just need to vent! I thought that I was doing better(dizziness) and then my ears "popped", I could hardely hear and I got really dizzy. I need to go back to work, money running out!! Can't even go out to eat, I come home and it takes days to recover. Unsure of what route to take with treatment, hit all bases at once or build back the adrenals and then gradually address other issues. FFC Dr. suspects candida, hypothyroid, GH deficiency, pituitary dysfunction, adrenal insufficiency-along with the sleep disorder, IBS,reflux, FM &CFS. What have people had more sucess with. I'm sort of afraid that if I go to FFC and they try to do too much at once that my body will go crazy and things will get worse! I just want to scream!! I can't think anymore, can't make decisions. This fatigue is taking over my life! So sorry to blather on. I just don't know how I can take much more of this DD!
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    Have you applied for state programs.What state do you live in.Somebody that lives in the same state can better direct you.I will say a prayer that you gain enough clarity to make some decisions.Linda
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    That all sounds familiar.

    OTC motion sickness chewable pill helps wiht the dizzyness for most people.

    The problem is that when you are dizzy like that it makes everything else even worse to handle. I just got over a long app 10month dizy episode. I just get it now when I am talking one on one wiht people. But not as badly. My doc said to take activated charcoal for the IBS, gas, bloat etc. I take low dose prilosec for the GERD(reflux). Start there maybe.

    LOve Anne C Welcome to the board.