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    Hi Shirley,

    Sorry, it's taken time to get back to you. I've started a virus and sore throat since yesterday.

    Dr. Ali prescribes a large amount of supplements and proceedures. For instance there are at least 12 'bowel ecology' protocols. And each one can have on average 6 or 7 ingredients.

    As soon as I feel better, will share more information.

    He really individualizes everything to each patient. The first time you go he spends an hour talking and asking you questions.

    The problem for me became the expense - most not covered by my insurance.

    As for intestinal health, the other really important thing that cured my IBS was getting food allergy tests - and cutting out all gluten foods.

    He also has an Institute in New York City.

    I would really recc. reading at least his first book, to get a basic idea of his work.

    He explains most of it there. It really takes the whole book to explain it!!!

    He also works with diet - cutting way down, or eliminating sugars, processed foods. Reccs. organic foods as much as possible.

    He was a pioneer - but I think the FFC places are doing the same proceedures now.

    Many blessings to you!
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    I almost didn't find your message until I looked real close.I have a lot of food intolerances also and MCS! They are quite hard to deal with. I use the Bifidophilus from Natures Sunshine and keep it refrigerated . Don't know if that's the best kind or not. I also use Jarrow-dophilus from the store here on the board b/c it don't have to be refrigerated and I can take it with me when I go out.I went to Dr Ali's site and I know I can't afford that much money for his services. He doesn't accept any insurance for payment. I have Medicare coverage but that, I'm sure won't pay for anything.I also uses food enyzmes at every meal. Well thanks again!
    Hugs Shirley

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