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    Just checking in with you to see how you are doing this week. I hope that you are taking care of yourself and taking one day at a time. I have been praying for you for all the decisions you are facing right now. I know that God will help you make the right one.

    Your situation is one that makes we wonder what I would do. All of my kids live in TX and my husband and I are here in N. GA because of his job. I sometimes wonder if I would stay here or move to TX to be around them. I truly believe I would want to stay where I am. I think it would be less stressful on me. So I know where you are coming from in your thoughts at least. I know you will make the best decision for yourself.

    I hope that you are keeping busy, I think that helps during grieving. I know that your heart will never stop aching completely and pray for you daily.

    Gentle Hugs, prayers and love,

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  3. cheryl888881

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    I am still very lonely and I know if I move closer to my kids,it won't help b/c they work all the time and I would still be alone.
    Then moving away from my church,would be hard too. I know Al would want me to support our church.
    I really need to move from this house b/c I don't know how long I can afford to be here. After the funeral bills,theres not much left. Al had no arrangements for his expenses,even though I told him many times,he needed to do that.
    Pray that I find a place to move that is closer to town than this is,that I can afford. Thank you for your Prayers and I also Pray for you too. God Bless.
    Hebrews 13-5 "I will never leave you nor forsake you"
    It's wonderful to know that we are not alone.
    I have to have a Mammogram tomorrow b/c I have a lump under my arm. Pray for me please.
    Love Shirley
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    It is so good to hear from you. I know that it is very hard for you and that you are very lonesome. I a sorry that the financial situation is not better for you and I will pray that God will direct you in the direction you should go according to your needs. I understand how you feel about moving closer to your family. We bought our retirement house in March of this year and it is here in GA and our kids all live in TX. We just felt it would be better to retire here where we have lived the last 13 years instead of going to be closer to the kids. They are busy with their own lives and we would be interrupting them and we are just happier where we are so I know what you mean.

    I will be praying for you about the lump and please let me know what it turns out to be. I know the anxiety that it can cause, I have been there. So please keep in touch about it.

    Are you going to spend Thanksgiving with any family? I know that it will be tough for you this year and I am praying for you, I do every day. You are never far away from my thoughts and prayers. I know that God is with you but I also know that it is hard to be without your mate.

    Love and prayers,

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    Yes I will be with the children on Thanksgiving,but it will still be lonely without Al. I will go at 3:20 today and get my Mammogram. Don't know when I'll get the results.
    I go to church on Sunday and that helps to be with my church friends. That breaks up the week some. I have been getting rid of his clothes and many other things as I can't take it all with me to a smaller house.
    God Bless you all and I will pray for you also.
    Love Shirley
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    Please let me know what you find out about the mammogram. You are in my prayers and I will continue to pray for you in this area as well as others!!

    I am glad that you will be with family on Thanksgiving and I know that it will still be hard for you. There is a void that no one else can fill. Just lean on God and he will get you through. I will be praying for you especially on that day.

    I cannot imagine how hard it is to get rid of his clothing. You need to keep something so that you can keep him close to you. Maybe a big shirt that you could wear around that will make you feel closer to him or something that was special to him. My friend kept a knit cap that had her husband's scent on it and she still sleeps with it to this day. She was afraid I would think she was crazy but I think it is an excellent idea and maybe it would help you to do something similar. Just a suggestion.

    May God draw you close to him today and give you a sense of peace in spite of it all.

    Love, prayers, and gentle hugs coming your way,